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Ontario Energy Storage Calculator: See How Much Your Organization Can Save

March 27, 2019

Energy storage enables large commercial and industrial (C&I) energy users to consume the lowest-cost electricity at the times when consuming from the grid is most expensive.


In Ontario, this is a big opportunity. For many large C&I energy users in the province, the Global Adjustment (GA) charge represents as much as 70% of the electricity bill. For those that participate in the Industrial Conservation Initiative—which is available to all facilities with a peak demand of 1 MW or greater, as well as those in certain industries with a peak demand of 500 kW or greater—annual GA charges are calculated based on the facility’s average demand level during the Ontario grid’s five highest one-hour periods of electricity demand throughout the previous year. Those that can anticipate when these events will occur and reduce this level of demand by 1 MW will save about $500K in GA costs over the following year.


Learn More With Our In-Depth Whitepaper: Understanding Ontario's Energy Storage Opportunity


To help Ontario’s C&I energy users get an idea of the potential impact the technology could have on their energy costs, the Enel X North America team developed an interactive calculator tool. With inputs to specify the results based on building type, energy consumption needs, and even ongoing efforts to manage GA costs, the calculator will automatically estimate the annual cost savings of an energy storage project for that organization.