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Utility Bill Management (UBM) Feature Guide

Enel X’s Utility Bill Management provides a variety of different features to help your organization reduce costs, improve visibility into operations, and better manage your utility bill data. Here is an overview of the features available to Enel X customers.


Three Ways to Process Your Bills

There are three different ways Enel X can process your bills: before they are paid (pre-payment), after they are paid (post-payment), or directly (bill-payment).

  • Post-Payment: You submit already paid bills to Enel X. Availability: Global
  • Pre-Payment: Enel X receives unpaid utility bills from suppliers and returns Accounts Payable files to you for processing. Availability: US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany
  • Bill-Payment: Enel X receives unpaid utility bills from suppliers and pays bills on your behalf. Availability: US


Standard Services

The following services are included in all Utility Bill Management (UBM) packages.


Historical Bill Audit and Ongoing Bill Validation


To set a baseline for utility usage, spend, and KPIs, Enel X will perform a historical bill audit for 12 months of utility bills. Our team will perform up to 66 checks and audits on each utility bill received.


Global Database


A centralized database provides your organization with:

  • A common platform for data across global sites
  • Global emissions factors to convert all consumption data into CO2
  • Global exchange rates to convert all bills into your reporting currency


ENERGY STAR Integration


With Enel X’s ENERGY STAR data manager, you can:

  • Calculate ENERGY STAR score estimates for customer buildings
  • Automatically update Portfolio Manager each month with new utility bill information


Enel X Connect: Cloud-Based Application


Our cloud-based application enables you to:

  • Gain 24/7 access to audited utility bill data from any location
  • Create multiple user logins
  • Assign permissions or access levels for different users


Business Intelligence Tool


The Business Intelligence Tool within Enel X Connect displays several customizable dashboards and data visualizations for different users, including:

  • Financial Dashboard
  • Sustainability Dashboard
  • Site Dashboard




To help you make sense of your bill data, Enel X provides standard and customized reporting, including:

  • Budget performance with cost and consumption breakdown
  • Peer group reporting with custom KPIs
  • Weather-normalized consumption based on heating and cooling degree days



Add-on Services

The following are additional technology services delivered by Enel X professionals.


Rate Optimization

Our Energy Analysts can examine utility account charac- teristics and usage to ensure your accounts align with the optimal utility tariff rates available to your organization. Our team will make recommendations on the best tariffs for your accounts and help you understand how to adjust load characteristics to achieve savings.



To help understand and control your budget, Enel X can provide an annual forecast of projected energy spend per utility account that calculates both commodity and non-commodity components, including supply costs, distribution costs, usage, and taxes.


Variance Analysis

Enel X’s Energy Analysts can provide reports on the difference between your energy budget/baseline and your actual energy expense/usage. This analysis is available whether you provide your own budget or enlist Enel X’s Energy Analysts to prepare a budget for your sites.


Systems Integration

Maximize platform experience by integrating Enel X’s Utility Bill Management software with other systems/applications, such as SAP or other Accounts Payable services.


Additional Historical Bill Audit

For periods beyond the standard 12 months of historical bills, Enel X can enter line-item detail into the database and analyze against tariff information to report potential savings/cost avoidance.

Add-on Modules

The following modules provide extra support for customers with 100+ utility accounts.


Period Accruals Module

To better track and predict utility spend, Enel X can provide estimates of forthcoming utility costs using historic cost data and calculate accruals using predefined methodologies to support more accurate budgeting and reporting.


Renewable Energy Module

Enel X’s Renewable Energy Module allows users to collect, manage, and report data from renewable assets—including PPAs, VPPAs, EACs, and on-site or off-site generation. Customers can track the management and retirement of EACs and see the financial performance of renewable contracts.


Meter Reading Module

Enel X can provide a module to enter manual meter readings online so you can compare billed consumption against meter readings and create meter usage reports.


Interval Data Module

For customers requiring more granular reporting, this module integrates meter data down to 15-minute intervals. Users can access reports detailing daily, weekly, and monthly consumption profiles.


Custom Accounts Payable Module

For Pre-Pay customers, Enel X can periodically deliver a single electronic file in the format/ structure and at the frequency of your choice. This makes it easier to upload files into accounting software for timely and accurate processing of utility payments.


Emissions Factor Module

Enel X’s Emissions Factor Module enables CDP-compliant emissions reporting. For each site, the module will determine whether reporting should be location- or market-based, identify the correct efficiency factor, and calculate Scope 1 and 2 emissions.