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Simple Turnkey Transit Electrification

Customized & Flexible Solutions

Enel X provides flexible solutions to meet the specific requirements of transit agencies and public transport operators who embark on their fleet electrification journey. The starting point is a comprehensive feasibility study that holistically analyzes your electrification needs and matches them with solutions available and their respective costs. As your advisor and partner, Enel X uses this data driven approach to support you in selecting from these customizable options:

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Bus Electrification

  • Route electrification modeling & planning
  • Definition of vehicle & battery specifications
  • Bus procurement and financing

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Charging Infrastructure

  • Identify optimal charging equipment
  • Installation of comprehensive energy infrastructure
  • Operations & Maintenance on installed infrastructure

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Energy Management Services

  • Smart Charging software platform to optimize charging and lower operational cost
  • Electricity procurement support for renewable energy targets and cost management
  • Resilience solutions such as microgrid with on-site solar and battery storage
  • Participation in grid services programs like Demand Response to unlock revenue streams
EV charging stations, solar and battery storage hardware from Enel X

Charging As-a-Service

Enel X will design, install, manage, and maintain the charging and smart mobility infrastructure needed to operate your fleet. This solution bundles up-front capital investments with ongoing operational costs for charging infrastructure into a simple per kWh-based fee or annual fixed fee. Enel X guarantees the operation of the charging infrastructure so you can remain focused on vehicle operations and transportation services.



  • Capital investment is limited to vehicles
  • Turnkey charge management solution reduces risk
  • Varying payment models
Electric vehicle charging stations
Solar and battery storage for EV charging

Resilience Solutions

Enel X is uniquely qualified to electrify your fleet and complement fleet electrification with solutions that increase the resilience of your system. Depending on your needs, various goals can be addressed: energy cost reduction, continuity during extreme weather or power outages, maximum emission reductions. Whatever your goal, Enel X can define a system to meet your needs and provide an integrated turnkey solution including the hardware as well as smart optimization software.



  • Turnkey system managed & optimized by single solution provider
  • Guaranteed continuity of operations
  • Custom integration of on-site solar and battery storage to meet your sustainability goals

Financing Options

Enel X offers flexible financing options to fit your needs. End-to-end financing covers the cost of the electric vehicle as well as the costs to install, operate and maintain the charging and smart mobility infrastructure. Financing terms are flexible and can be aligned with your evolving technology and equipment requirements, ensuring your infrastructure is always up to date.



  • The simplicity of a turnkey solution, a single contract & point of contact
  • Low up-front capital investment
  • Low risk
Multiple forms of payment