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Energy Storage

Profitable, Flexible, Intelligent

Enel X’s energy storage solution combines reliable battery hardware with sophisti­cated optimization software to lower your energy bill. Through automated controls that seamlessly discharge electricity when prices are high, energy storage can offer substantial energy savings without disrupting business operations.


How Energy Storage Lowers Energy Costs

1. Demand Charge Management

Demand charges, which make up a significant portion of your utility bill, are based on your peak usage levels during certain intervals. A battery can lower your consumption from the grid during these periods to reduce demand charges.


2. Time-of-use (TOU) Energy Management

Energy prices fluctuate throughout the day. A battery will charge when prices are low and discharge when prices are high, thereby lowering your daily energy costs.


3. Demand Response (DR) and Wholesale Market Access

In many areas, energy providers will pay customers to be available to reduce grid demand during only a few critical hours of the year. A battery allows you to participate in these programs while minimizing the energy curtailment required at your site.

Chart comparing kW load over a two day period with storage and without storage during a DR even

Additional Benefits of Storage

Pairing with Solar

Energy storage systems can absorb excess solar power generation and discharge when the sun stops shining, further lowering demand charges and unlocking additional value.


Grid Sustainability

By powering your facility with on­site storage when the grid is under heavy stress, you displace the carbon­ intensive fuel sources needed to power peaking generators.


Backup Power

Under certain system configurations, batteries can provide temporary back­ up power and other forms of resiliency to keep your site operating when the grid experiences reliability issues.


Seamless Integration and Automation

No Upfront Cost

Enel X will install a storage or solar­plus­storage system at no upfront cost to you and under the financing option that you choose.


No Disruption of Business Operations

Our advanced machine learning and optimization software will automate the battery’s operation to optimize financial performance with no active management required on your end.


No Ongoing Operation & Maintenance Required

Enel X will take care of all ongoing operations and maintenance to ensure the system continues delivering top performance.