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Financing Options for Energy Storage and Solar + Storage

Enel X Helps You Integrate DERs with Flexible Financing Options to Fit Your Needs

Storage Only

Benefit Share

You and Enel X share the energy savings generated from the storage system based on a pre-determined split.

  • Benefits: You and Enel X are aligned in your interests and incentives, and your savings directly correspond to the battery’s performance
  • Units: $/month (% split with Enel X)


Direct Purchase

You buy the system outright with upfront, on-hand cash, and can choose to pay Enel X for ongoing O&M.

  • Benefits: You own the system, so there are no ongoing payments to cover the cost of the equipment
  •  Units: $$$


Fixed Rate

You pay fixed payments to Enel X.

  • Benefits: You know exactly what your payments will be each month, regardless of battery performance
  • Units: $/month (fixed)

Solar + Storage

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

You pay Enel X a single payment rate based on energy generation from the solar panels and the overall benefit of the solar + storage system.

  • Benefits: You have a simple payment structure that covers your entire system
  • Units: $/kWh (single rate)


Hybrid Power Purchase Agreement (hPPA)

You pay Enel X a lower payment rate just for the solar power generated from your panels, combined with a benefit share structure with Enel X.

  • Benefits: You can carve out the payment structure based on the performance of each asset, and our incentives are aligned under a benefit-share model
  •  Units: $/kWh Solar + $/month (%) Storage


Direct Purchase

(Same as for Storage Only)


Fixed Rate

(Same as for Storage Only)