Enel X’s Utility Bill Management Solutions: Real Insights, Reduced Costs, Reliable Data

Every utility bill your organization has ever paid provides a detailed look into each site’s operational performance and cost drivers for that month. Taken together, this data can help your organization better understand how your sites operate and what drives costs across your portfolio.


How your organization approaches its utility bills—from paying and processing them to collecting and analyzing data from them—can have a significant impact on your operating expenses, sustainability performance, and staff productivity.


Enel X’s online Utility Bill Management (UBM) solution provides a single location to gain insights into how your portfolio operates to make more informed decisions about budgets, operations, and sustainability efforts.


Enel X UBM by the numbers:

  • 90,000 utility accounts managed
  • 500,000 bills processed per year
  • 200,000 tariff rates maintained
  • 104 countries supported
  • $5.5B annual spend managed


With UBM from Enel X, you can:

Gain Visibility Into a Global Portfolio’s Energy Performance

  • Benchmark accounts and sites to identify areas of high energy cost and consumption within a portfolio
  • Evaluate site-level cost-saving opportunities with the support of Enel X’s experts
  • Establish key performance indicators and produce simplified and standardized energy reports

Manage and Track Progress Toward Your Sustainability Goals

  • Provide a single source to analyze portfolio-wide data from energy, water, and other utility bills to assess sustainability performance, identify areas for improvement, and establish key performance indicators Real Insights, Reduced Costs, Reliable Data
  • Aggregate emissions and resource usage data to calculate and report carbon footprint at the site and portfolio level
  • Ensure compliance with all current and future local energy benchmarking laws and disclosure regulations
  • Streamline ENERGY STAR reporting with automated data upload to ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager tool

Improve Operational and Process Efficiencies

  • Reduce man hours required to process large volumes of utility bills by receiving custom AP files
  • Digitize manual processes to ensure accuracy and reduce accounting errors
  • Support accrual accounting to better understand liabilities and manage cash flow

Reduce Costs and Avoid Unnecessary Utility Bill Charges

  • Avoid costly late fees by outsourcing invoice management and bill processing
  • Identify, reconcile, and correct erroneous costs through bill validation
  • Disaggregate monthly energy spend into price and consumption components to show energy cost drivers across your portfolio