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Generate sustainable energy

Energy trends such as decarbonization, digitalization and electrification are shaping today’s rapidly evolving power industry. More and more companies are choosing new and clean energy sources to meet a variety of needs. Reduce emissions, improve sustainability, increase efficiency and power reliability, generate power off-grid, manage risk, and reduce energy spending with our distributed energy generation projects.

How does it work?


Customers provide rooftop space

Enel X is developing rooftop Solar PV power generation projects for enterprises across Korea. Customers provide their rooftop space in order to generate solar power.

Installation, management and operation

Enel X takes care of the end-to-end process, arranging the installation, management and operation the solar energy facilities.

Lease agreement

Businesses lease their roof space to Enel X, and we sell the renewable power generated back to the local electricity grid.

Funding options

To facilitate de-risking of the project, Enel X can fully fund the development of onsite Solar PV solutions.

Earn ongoing revenue

The benefits from the project are shared as the customer receives a rental fee. Businesses can earn revenue from solar power generation every month at no cost with our turnkey solution.  
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We are eager to develop a more sustainable energy supply for South Korea with distributed energy generation projects. New solar capacity will advance the country's renewable energy use, and will generate a new source of revenue for businesses which can reduce energy costs or be reinvested into other sustainability initiatives.

Hyoung-min Kim, Country Manager

Enel X Korea

Why Enel X?


Cutting edge technology & ecosystem

We not only deliver state-of-the-art technology that allows for self-produced energy, we also provide our customers with an ecosystem of software and hardware solutions that maximize financial returns.

Demonstrated leadership

We have a proven track record of delivering global utility scale and commercial and industrial projects. With our expertise, we can provide seamless operations and delivery of distributed energy generation assets.

Circular economy & sustainability

A leader in innovation and sustainability, Enel X is committed to promoting widespread adoption of the Circular Economy model. We help businesses become more aware of their circularity, access new energy saving opportunities and support their sustainability strategies.

Global scope

Enel X can support customers’ renewable energy projects worldwide. With our global footprint, we can deliver reliable DE and infrastructure solutions so that customers can cut energy spend and emissions while hedging against risks linked to energy price volatility.

Financial stability & commercial flexibility

Backed by the Enel Group, Enel X is a stable partner for long-term agreements. Commercial flexibility enables Enel X to offer a range of financing options that best align with your needs.

Speak with an expert today to learn how Enel X can help you achieve your energy goals.