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What is Rooftop Solar PV Generation?

What is rooftop solar PV
Rooftop Solar PV Generation utilizes idle roof space to install solar power plants and generate additional revenue.
The customer leases the unoccupied roof space to Enel X. Enel X pays for the installation, operation and maintenance of the solar power plant.

What are the advantages of Rooftop Solar PV Generation?

First, businesses can generate additional revenue. The following capacities can be installed based on the roof area, and detailed rental rates are provided after our Enel X team’s consultation.


Second, businesses can repair or renovate their roof space and receive free of charge roof infrastructure care. When we perform regular inspections of solar power generation facilities such as solar modules and inverters, we will also perform roof safety inspections to make sure we do not have any roof leaks. 

Roof Area
Installation Capacity
Approx. 3,000m2
Approx. 3,310m2
Approx. 10,000m2
Third, businesses can utilize this rooftop solar generation as a means of implementing RE100. The solar power generation facility will be accepted as the business’ own possession after the contract has expired. Through this, businesses can utilize the generated power to reach RE100, get carbon credits, or as an ESG(Environmental, Social, Governance)  management practice.  

How do businesses participate in Rooftop Solar PV generation?

Solar PV

Distributed Energy Generation

Join the renewable energy transformation with our onsite Solar PV solution.

Participation will be finalized after a site inspection and structural safety assessment, the cost of which will be covered by Enel X. The next steps are economic studies, lease agreements, permits, and et cetera.
For more information on how your business can participate, please contact us and our team will get back to you.  

Technical Q&A

The solar installation will increase the load on the roof – is this safe?

Yes, it is safe. A structural review and safety diagnosis is carried out by a Korean structural engineer before the installation of the solar PV system. After the review, the solar power generation facility will be only built on buildings that are safe, and if necessary, Enel X will cover the costs needed in roof reinforcements.

Does the roof cause any leakage?

No, there is no leakage that is caused from the installation of solar facilities. Before installation, the roof is waterproofed, special bolts, waterproof pads and caps, and brackets that are custom-made to the roof shape will be manufactured. During the project period, Enel X will manage the roof together through daily inspections.  

Are there any costs for the customer for the project?

No. Enel X will cover the cost of the installation of solar facilities, as well as the maintenance costs as the roof ages during the life of the project.  

Speak with an expert today to learn how Enel X can help you achieve your energy goals.