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2022, Enel X New Global Record for Demand Response

Capacity delivered by Enel X to the global electricity market in 2022 exceeded 8 GW, the highest ever recorded

In 2022, the world faced an unexpected energy crisis of unprecedented scale. Electricity prices skyrocketed, with an enormous impact on the energy supply for a wide range of industries. In Japan, the demand for electricity was so high that the Japanese government issued an electricity ”power crunch alert” due to the very high summer temperatures.

Companies that want to keep electricity costs as low as possible typically think about adjusting their equipment settings or changing where they purchase their power, but there are limitations to what can be done alone.

One of the solutions that companies can choose from is Demand Response. Demand Response is an innovative program that allows customers to earn revenue by contributing to lowering electricity demand during times of power peak demand. Customers can help improve the ability to supply electricity to the power market by temporarily shutting down their facilities to reduce power usage or switching to backup power sources.

Demand Response

Demand Response

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We would like to thank all of our customers, including many in Japan, who responded when Demand Response was dispatched, resulting in the largest-ever 8.2 GW of Demand Response capacity that Enel X has provided to the market globally.

We are the largest aggregator in Japan and the only independent operator to offer Demand Response programs nationwide. We also operate globally and offer customized programs and operation methods best suited for each customer, including comprehensive programs that include our overseas branches.

Hiromitsu Miyamoto
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“We will continue to contribute in any way we can to solving our customers' problems with innovative energy solutions, and work toward the realization of a sustainable, decarbonized society."

Hiromitsu Miyamoto

Country Manager, Enel X Japan

Atushi Ito
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“Our highly experienced analysts analyze each customer's electricity usage in detail and propose the most appropriate program and its operation method for each customer. The operation team in Japan provides real-time support to customers during the Demand Response dispatch, helping to ensure that it is carried out properly. In addition, we have a Network Operations Center in Dublin, Ireland, which monitor the network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Please feel free to contact us for support."

Atsushi Ito

Head of Japan Business Operations, Enel X Japan

In April 2023, the "Act on Rationalizing Energy Use" was implemented, and by participating in Demand Response, companies are able to contribute to the improvement of the non-fossil energy ratio that is required.


The average temperature in the summer of 2022 was the second hottest since statistics began (1898) (JMA data). In 2023, the UK's Met Office predicts that the end of the La Niña phenomenon will cause sea surface temperatures in parts of the Pacific Ocean to rise, resulting in higher global temperatures compared to 2022, which means that electricity will be in short supply as it was last year.


Why not participate in Demand Response with Enel X Japan before the hot summer of 2023 arrives?

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