Battery energy storage solutions

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Join the energy transition with battery storage

Battery storage is urgently needed for the renewable energy transition, and is expected to play a huge role in Japan's future power system. Businesses see battery storage as a complement to their renewable energy strategy, and a strong opportunity to improve their bottom line while accelerating their path to decarbonization. Enel X is a global leader in this space, and is a partner of choice for Japanese businesses.

Maximize performance with Optimization Software

Enel X’s Distributed Energy Resources Optimization Software (DER.OS) uses advanced machine learning and AI algorithms to learn your facility’s operational behaviour. DER.OS analyzes your facility's energy use alongside external data including weather forecasts, energy market pricing, tariff structures, and VPP trading opportunities. We automatically charge and discharge your battery at optimal times to deliver the highest financial return possible.

Learn more about how Enel X's industry-leading optimization software maximizes savings by automating a battery storage system.

Battery Storage Demand Response Solar-Plus-Storage

Australia's largest onsite battery

With Central Irrigation Trust in South Australia, we're installing one of Australia's biggest onsite battery projects. The first phase of the 14MWh project is complete, with batteries installed at its Berri and Loveday pump sites.

Battery Storage Demand Response Solar-Plus-Storage

Why Enel X?


Battery market leader

We have a consolidated technical, digital and financial track record of delivering battery installations globally. We are a leading global integrator of C&I Batteries (Guidehouse Insights), with around 760MW of projects active to date.

Through our expertise, we offer tailor-made and market-specific batterysolutions, providing flawless operations and delivery of customer sided assets.

VPP market leader

Businesses trust our proven track record as the market leader. We deliver the most revenue, while properly prioritizing and protecting your core operations, and ensuring full choice for your retail power supply.

Fully-integrated platform

Our platform fully integrates batteries into the energy market, allowing you to earn the most revenue. It optimizes your charge and discharge strategy, reduces demand management fees, and earns money from energy market programs.

We offer everything you need to succeed including technology, market access and finance.  


Financial strength

Backed by Enel, the world's largest and most sustainable energy retailer, we have the financial strength to finance your battery project, suited to your risk appetite.

Our unique financial models are tailored to you, with an option for no CAPEX investment from your business, which de-risks the project.