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Paper Mill

Taiko Paper leads with Demand Response

Learn how specialty paper manufacturer, Taiko Paper is using in-house power generation equipment to support the electricity grid and bring about positive environmental outcomes.


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The paper industry was once synonymous with being an energy intensive industry. This brought about awareness of resource and energy saving, and sparked efforts to reduce environmental impact.


These days it’s known as an industry with a high ratio of in-house power generation, such as biomass power generation using waste liquid that is discharged from the paper manufacturing process.


Taiko Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd has strived for more than 60 years to positively contribute to the local community, and has always been an industry leader. The company was also one of the first in Japan to participate in Demand Response and said "participating in DR was a natural progression for us." Program participation was part of a broader sustainability initiative.  


We spoke with Toshiki Narabe, Section Manager of the Power Division and Katsumi Suzuki, Engineering Power Division Manager.


Download the case study to read the full story.