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Far Eastern Memorial Hospital

Discover how FEMH optimizes energy management through Virtual Power Plants

Customer information

This Far Eastern Memorial Hospital case study is based on a project developed in Enel X Taiwan.


Far Eastern Memorial Hospital

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital is an educational hospital founded in 1981 and is the only medical center in New Taipei City. It treats over 1.3 million outpatients annually, handles around 400 emergency patients per day, and boasts an over 85% bed occupancy rate, ranking it fourth in Taiwan.

The need

Hospital consumes a significant amount of electricity, ranking second in power usage among non-industrial sectors in Taiwan1. Stable electricity supply is crucial for the hospital’s operational safety, and fluctuations in electricity prices greatly affect operational costs. Beyond supporting people’s health, medical institutions play a vital role in fostering a sustainable society.


Far Eastern Memorial Hospital is a highly esteemed medical institution in Taiwan, renowned for its commitment to sustainability. Prior to partnering with Enel X Taiwan, the hospital had already been actively implementing energy-saving measures. These include optimizing the ice storage air conditioning system, intelligent control of operating room temperatures, and installing sensor-based lighting in public areas. Yet the hospital seeks to achieve sustainable energy management to the next level. 


Through its long-standing efforts towards sustainability, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital has been honored with numerous prestigious awards, including the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award, the Platinum Award for Corporate Sustainability Reports and the Taiwan Sustainable Action Award. Vice President Chang Shu-wen shared, ‘Far Eastern Memorial Hospital embodies the founding philosophy of 'by the society, for the society'. We are committed not only to fulfilling our social responsibilities through the advancement of medical technology, nurturing talent, and innovation in research and development but also to investing in sustainable management practices."

The solution

Hospitals usually have backup power equipment such as generators that are immediately activated during power outages to supply vital life support systems for patients and ensure the safe operation of sensitive equipment. Backup power equipment is often considered cost-consuming, but it actually harbors potential as power resources. By participating in a Virtual Power Plant (VPP), these facilities can provide various functions while idle and become a reliable backup that supports the stability of the power grid.


Initially, Enel X’s expert team conducted an on-site check and inventory of Far Eastern Memorial Hospital’s facilities. After careful discussion, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital decided to participate in the ancillary services market of the energy trading platform (Demand Response) through Enel X.



When the power grid is in need, Enel X’s Network Operations Center receives a dispatch notification from Taiwan Power Company and immediately notifies FEMH through phone calls, text messages, Line messages, and emails. Upon receiving the power dispatch directives, FEMH reduces the energy load on the power grid by switching its air conditioning circuit to the generators with the automatic transfer switch. The air conditioning’s energy use is then supported by the generators. This is completed in 30 minutes and maintained for 2 hours. After 2 hours, the power supply can be restored to its original mode, during which all hospital operations continue as normal.


“Apart from achieving better energy efficiency, we hope to contribute to society in the energy transition, reducing our carbon footprint and helping to maintain the stability of Taiwan’s power grid,” emphasized Chang Shu-wen, vice president of FEMH.


Lin Chuan-Min, Chief of the Maintenance and Engineering Department at FEMH, is the driving force behind the hospital’s energy management. He believes that participating in the Demand Response Ancillary Service in the Energy Trading Platform through Enel X’s VPP creates a win-win: “The country can build fewer power plants, and maintain stability for the power grid, while the hospital could cultivate outstanding talent and activate the existing backup power mechanisms.”

The benefits

Since August 2022, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital has been participating in EnerX’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) with a maximum supply capacity of about 1MW. Given that the annual power consumption per household in Japan was 3,950Wh in 20222), the reduction in power capacity achieved in response to dispatch is equivalent to the power consumption of an average household for two and a half years. Furthermore, since joining the market, there have been nearly 7,000 hours of standby time until November 2023.


Participating in the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and responding to demand response activations provides a good opportunity to regularly check if the backup power facilities are functioning properly. Typically, generator maintenance and testing are conducted under no-load conditions, and actual load is applied only during the annual comprehensive inspection. No-load testing can verify the basic operation of the generator, but if combustion is incomplete, carbon deposition may occur, making it difficult to accurately determine if the generator can respond properly to the load. Responding to demand response ensures performance verification of equipment under electrical load.

Cologne Chen, Head of Business Development at Enel X Taiwan, with nearly 20 years of experience in energy management across various industrial clients, stressed unfortunate experiences shared by his clients. “When tested under no-load conditions, their generators showed no abnormalities, but when faced with grid anomalies, they failed to operate smoothly due to severe carbon buildup, resulting in significant losses. This is unfortunate and one of the reasons why we recommend commercial and industrial businesses with backup power equipment to join a Virtual Power Plant.”


Lin Chuan-Min pointed out “We have encountered five dispatches in over a year since we joined the program. This is also a form of maintenance and repair for us, and it helps to keep the power system safer. Working with Enel X has been very smooth, and I highly recommend others in the industry to join this meaningful endeavor.”

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Dispatches are also a form of maintenance and repair for us, and it helps to keep the power system safer.

Lin Chuan-Min

Chief of Maintenance and Engineering Department, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital

By joining Enel X’s VPP, hospitals can activate existing assets to participate in the Energy Trading Platform’s Ancillary Service market. This provides a safer medical environment and also supports grid stability, accelerates the energy transition, and implements a circular economy all at the same time.  


“Our goal is to help customers utilize their own assets to achieve sustainability in a sustainable and profitable manner.
Hospitals and C&I businesses could earn revenue for every hour they are on standby in the Ancillary Service market”
states Cologne Chen. Enel X’s comprehensive services enable clients to easily participate in the energy market and focus on their core business. From the initial site assessment, and customized energy planning, to every stage of application until going live, Enel X’s experts accompany the client along the way. Enel X, which places high importance on HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality), also provides thorough educational training for customers, ensuring that all personnel fully understand every aspect of the program.


FEMH’s Vice President Chang Shu-Wen states that Enel X is one of the largest VPPs operating globally and a qualified trader on Taiwan Power Company’s Energy Trading Platform, which is why FEMH chooses to work with Enel X, a “reliable partner”. It is a hospital’s primary mission to serve the public and community, other than constantly enhancing medical care and smart healthcare, it must also adopt actions that are most beneficial to the public and society. Chang, in her white coat with a strong sense of mission, said, “Joining the Virtual Power Plant allows us to unceasingly achieve our commitment and mission to social sustainability.”  

picture of Ms. Chang Shu-Wen
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Joining the Virtual Power Plant allows us to unceasingly achieve our commitment and mission to social sustainability.

Chang Shu-Wen

Vice President, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital


1). Energy Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan

Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation (2023). Energy Audit Annual Report for Non-Productive Industries 2023.



2). Ministry of the Environment, Japan

Results of the FY2022 Statistical Survey on CO2 Emissions from the Household Sector (Preliminary Figures) in Japanese

Note: This Far Eastern Memorial Hospital case study is based on work with Enel X and  Far Eastern Memorial Hospital in Taiwan. In Japan, Enel X supports global and local customers to help them to save on energy costs, earn a new revenue stream and achieve carbon neutral targets with customized products and services. Contact us to learn more.