Remote control technologies

Remote control technologies


In addition to its new LED product, Enel X is also offering a further advance in public lighting: remote control solutions that will provide citizens with a better public lighting service by improving reliability and safety plus the possibility to enable a wide range of value-added services.


The solution

We have developed two different systems to remotely control and manage the status and parameters of your lighting system in a smart and responsive manner!

  1. Stand-alone remote control, which enables monitoring of the electrical distribution board
  2. Point-to-point remote control, which allows the remote monitoring and management of each individual street light


These solutions are essential tools for managing and controlling systems in a reactive and smart way and offer many significant advantages for the service manager, the most important being:

  • Monitoring and diagnosis of actual energy consumption (e.g. for applying for White Certificates)
  • Detection of anomalies or inefficiencies
  • Possibility of remotely managing faults and resetting pre-established power levels (for point-to-point remote control solutions)
  • Possibility to enable further value-added services (e.g. adaptive lighting, video surveillance, environmental monitoring…)

The Control Room

Light points are managed and data is displayed via a simple, intuitive user interface and display called the Control Room, which has a plethora of different functionalities designed to help you become more familiar with and control and manage your lighting system more efficiently.

Some examples:

  • For each light point a wide range of different data can be consulted (e.g. operational status, connectivity status, operating hours, angle and temperature readings, …)
  • Turning on/off or dimming lights
  • Remote setting of functional parameters
  • Definition of threshold levels for alarms and alerts  

The purpose of the control room is also to provide an interconnected service that supports and assists public administrations in decision-making and management.

The different functions, in fact, make it possible to share data, personalise informative dashboards, produce reports and access multimedia content, thus enabling a wide range of services that are useful for the entire community.

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