Photovoltaic systems for local government: the Enel X solution

Photovoltaic systems for local government: the Enel X solution

Enel X is working alongside schools, hospitals and public offices in the energy transition process: a solution to make cities more sustainable, integrated and efficient

The European Union has decreed that by 2030, the quota of energy produced by renewable sources must reach at least 32%.

To accelerate the energy transition and to encourage decarbonization through the development of renewables and energy efficiency, Enel X has decided to create a solution especially for local government organizations. It is a “turnkey” offer that designs and installs photovoltaic systems on the surfaces of publicly owned buildings – such as offices, schools, hospitals, sports centres –simply and practically, thanks to a 20-year package that includes the following services:

  • Feasibility study and survey
  • Design; compliance with administrative and bureaucratic requirements
  • Installation of the system
  • Commissioning of the system
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance for the entire duration of the contract
  • Recovery of the panels at end of life

Thanks to this offer, which is specifically designed for local government, the organization has no upfront investment costs, owns the plant and can start saving immediately, by using self-generated energy from renewable sources, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and energy costs.

  • Commits to below threshold costs
  • Purchases the system, becoming the owner
  • Uses the self-generated energy, also benefiting from the net-metering mechanism for energy surplus to requirements
  • Pays no upfront investment costs for the system
  • Monitors energy production, self-consumption and feed-in to the grid.

With this offer, which is specifically designed for local government buildings, the organization in question:

  • does not incur any initial cost
  • commits amounts below the community threshold as set out in article 36 of the legislative decree 50/16 and subsequently amended in Law n.120 of September 11 2020 (the “Simplification Law”); .
  • becomes the owner of the plant;
  • obtains immediate savings;
  • uses self-produced energy from renewable sources;
  • reduces both CO2 emissions and energy costs, in addition to monitoring energy production and feeding it into the grid.

This exclusive and advantageous offer may be easily and rapidly obtained throughout Italy, thanks to the widespread presence of the Enel Group and the experience it has consolidated both in the country and internationally.


  •  Saving on utility bills
  • Planned expenditure
  • Ethical production of clean, sustainable energy
  • Benefiting from self-generated energy and the net metering mechanism for any energy surplus to immediate requirements.
  • Increase in the value and energy rating of the building
  • Reduction of harmful emissions

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