Where is your condominium?

Outline the perimeter of your apartment building.

Use the cursor to outline the surface of the roof on the map. Click to add an apex.
For a more accurate result, select the building perimeter without the overhanging parts of the roof.
Select the sides of the perimeter that border with other buildings by clicking on the corresponding segment.
The selected segments are highlighted in yellow.

What are the characteristics of your residential building?

Number of heated floors

Total number of apartments

Year of construction of the building

Number of elevators

Number of parking spaces, either private or shared with apartment building residents

What are the characteristics of the external areas?

Opaque building envelope

Type of external walls:

Type of roof


Type of windows (Predominant)

Indicate the characteristics of the boundaries of the building

The first heated floor is bordered below with:

The last heated floor is bordered above with:

What heating systems are present?


Type of heating (most common)

Energy source for heating systems

Heating system

Domestic hot water

The production system for domestic hot water

Are there renewable energy systems?

Presence of solar heating system

Presence of photovoltaic (PV) system

Thanks to your answers, we have estimated the costs and characteristics of your condominium

If you have more accurate information available, please modify the following values to make the simulation more realistic

Annual energy expenses

Annual energy expenses for fuel (euro/year)

Annual electricity expenses (euro/year)

The apartment building’s features

Outer wall surface (m2)

Power of the heating system (kW)

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