Enel X, the accelerator of circularity

Enel X, the accelerator of circularity

Technological solutions with a ecodesign vision, at the center of renewable energies and recyclable materials. The sustainable innovation of Enel X: a circular laboratory that evolves continuously.

What is circular economy?

An economic paradigm that recreates linear consumption models, reducing waste and favoring the reuse of materials. It is based on 5 pillars: the sustainable inputs, the extension of the useful life of the product, the platforms to share, the product as a service and the end of its life. Enel X is proposed as Booster, that is, as a circularity accelerator within a new circular system of suppliers and customers, fulfilling an innovative and unique role in the market.

The approach of Enel X to the circular economy

Inspired by the 5 Business Models of Circular Economy, Enel X is positioned as a driver, that is, accelerator of circularity, within its ecosystem of suppliers, partners, installers and customers. Our philosophy is to accelerate the level of circularity through the Program to promote the Circular Economy, which does not only apply to our solutions generating verifiable scores, but we export it beyond our borders, offering industrial customers and public administrations the possibility of obtaining a Energy Circularity Report, which measures the e energy circularity and, in addition, identifies a structured plan to increase the level through a series of innovative solutions.


The Five Key Dimensions of Solutions offered by Enel X

Enel X evaluates its solutions through five key dimensions, which measure the level of circularity. 

  1. The commitment of suppliers to the principles of the circular economy in the creation of the products and services used in the solution
  2. The presence of elements that facilitate the circular consumption model and incentivize its full use and reuse, thereby increasing the life cycle of the product
  3. Benchmarking best practices and programs to increase efficiency in the use of resources and in the phases of installation and maintenance
  4. Managing the end of life of individual products with innovative and sustainable methods for recovering the materials
  5. Encouraging and supporting the development of environmental awareness for clients and the involvement of suppliers in virtuous mechanisms to improve the performance and the environmental impact of the products and services offered.


The Enel X levels of circularity

The scale of circularity of Enel X solutions can be measured in five levels – the Enel X Score:

  • LEVEL 1 (range 0 - 20):  marginal components of the Circular Economy are present;
  • LEVEL 2 (range 20 - 40):  there is a partial use of renewable materials and a preliminary integration of Circular Economy principles in supplying the service;
  • LEVEL 3 (range 40 - 60):  this guarantees the most sustainable of methods, including during the phases of consumption and product recovery:  the principles of Circular Economy are also present – albeit partially – in the supply method;
  • LEVEL 4 (range 60 - 80):  this guarantees the use of almost totally renewable prime materials in the production process, together with an integration of the principles of Circular Economy in the supply method;
  • LEVEL 5 (range 80 - 100): the products and services in this solution have high levels of circularity for the majority of the pillars and dimensions under analysis.

The evaluation of Enel X solutions based on the five pillars reinforces the circularity of our individual solutions. It also is a form of transparency for our clients that makes it easy to recognize our organization's commitment to sustainability.