Efficient Management Service

Efficient Management Service

All energy management at your company, using a streamlined and effective digital tool. For companies with more than five low voltage and/or high voltage supply points.

An exclusive and personalized service to help you optimize power consumption and manage procedures with Enel X in an effective and centralized manner, using innovative control tools.

With an expert Personal Coordinator on-hand to provide support whenever you need it.

With a digital platform to provide information and manage power supplies efficiently.

What does the Efficient Management Service offer?


We guarantee a bulk contracting process that is quick, simple, and effective, using:

  • An innovative digital platform for procedures and management
  • An expert team at your service
  • Proactive management
  • Monitoring reports


Preparation of multiple reports, comparing all points of your company’s power supply:

  • Invoicing history
  • Comparative reports and activity reports
  • Invoice forecasting and graphs showing trends


We offer continuous improvement in energy management and optimization

  • Reports with recommendations for optimizing reactive energy and power, to save on your invoices
  • Comparisons between up to 5 supply points
  • Personalized alert service


Be offer bespoke management and personalized client relations

  • Personalized reports
  • Personalized control and reporting tools that you can configure
  • A Personal Coordinator on-hand at all times


Other products for companies

Winter Power Offer

Winter Power Offer

We offer our clients maximum demand management at peak times for regulated clients (LT 4.3 and HT 4.3), so as to recover tariff discounts in exchange for enhanced demand flexibility, subject to prior reporting and under a contractual agreement.

Renewable Energy Certification

Renewable Energy Certification

The Renewable Energy Certificate is a document attesting that the same amount of energy that a company has consumed during a given calendar year can been generated and injected into the system using non-conventional renewable power sources.

Solar Parking Lots

Solar Parking Lots

As part of its ongoing search for new and innovative energy alternatives, Enel X now presents solar parking lots based on two different mechanisms: direct on grid, and off grid (charging batteries), a carbon neutral energy efficiency option for your company.

Energy Infrastructure

Energy Infrastructure

When it comes to meeting our clients’ needs, we work with a commitment to offering high-quality, professional services with the very best experts. We deliver solutions such as: ductwork, low and high voltage construction and installation, grid connections, and transformers.