For Public Administration

Do you represent a company? Do you want to offer your employees charging solutions?

Charging stations for public use

Charging stations for public use

Cooperation between companies and local authorities is a vital element for promoting the introduction of electric transport. To this end, Enel X has developed an action plan for public bodies.

Electric Buses

Electric Buses

The business model consists of including in a single product that includes financing of electric buses, cargo and energy infrastructure ("fuel") to the public transport system.


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Enel, a ray of light for education in Chile

The Solar Schools of Peñalolén project is an initiative that has installed solar panels on the roofs of six education establishment in the district and replaced traditional light bulbs with LED lighting, bringing major energy savings.


Energy for the present and the future: Enel X revolutionizes electric transport in Santiago

A hundred electric buses on the city’s streets. Electrical terminals. Latin America’s only electric public transport route. Smart bus stops. Electric car chargers. These are linchpins of the green transformation that Santiago is going through.

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San Pedro de la Paz enlivens its streets and plazas with LED technology

High-efficiency lighting provides light and safety, allowing residents to wander the streets and enjoy public spaces without consuming large amounts of power.