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Installation of charging pillars rated up to 22kW

Installation of charging pillars rated up to 22kW

Installation service for a two-sided charger rated at up to 22kW on each side, both connected to a 32A three phase power supply. The charger features Type 2 connectors, compatible with all classes of electric vehicles.

Installation of chargers rated over 50kW

Installation of chargers rated over 50kW

Installation of quick chargers rated up to 50 kW DC, connected to high-voltage three phase power supplies.

“Ready to e-mobility” for buildings

“Ready to e-mobility” for buildings

This service prepares new buildings for electric mobility, thus increasing commercial value and interest amongst potential buyers, with the pre-installation of electric vehicle chargers, offering new owners the chance to install 3.5kW or 7 kW units quickly and cheaply.


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Enel, a ray of light for education in Chile

The Solar Schools of Peñalolén project is an initiative that has installed solar panels on the roofs of six education establishment in the district and replaced traditional light bulbs with LED lighting, bringing major energy savings.


Energy for the present and the future: Enel X revolutionizes electric transport in Santiago

A hundred electric buses on the city’s streets. Electrical terminals. Latin America’s only electric public transport route. Smart bus stops. Electric car chargers. These are linchpins of the green transformation that Santiago is going through.

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San Pedro de la Paz enlivens its streets and plazas with LED technology

High-efficiency lighting provides light and safety, allowing residents to wander the streets and enjoy public spaces without consuming large amounts of power.