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Enel X launches inaugural Australian battery energy storage project with Central Irrigation Trust

Melbourne, 9 December 2021 – Enel X, a global leader in the energy transformation, is set deliver its first battery energy storage project in Australia with Central Irrigation Trust (CIT), a South Australian Irrigation Trust. The agreement will see Enel X finance, manage and optimise over 8MW of battery energy storage systems (BESS) across CIT sites in the Riverland region. The first stage of the project will see 4.4MW/7.4MWh of BESS installed across four sites in the first half of 2022. This landmark project for the Australian market demonstrates the viability of large distributed batteries hosted on commercial and industrial sites.


The integrated BESS will be owned and operated by Enel X under its own-operate shared benefits model, where Enel X invests the CAPEX required for the batteries, de-risking the project for CIT. The organisations will share the savings created by Enel X’s proprietary and industry leading Distributed Energy Resources Optimisation Software (DER.OS). Designed to maximise economic value, DER.OS uses advanced machine-learning and AI algorithms to analyse unlimited data including site energy demand, weather forecast inputs, electricity grid conditions and more. DER.OS optimises the BESS’ charge and discharge strategy, decreasing demand charges and extracting value from multiple energy market revenue streams. Integrating with Enel X’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform, the software can access demand response programs which support the grid and allow CIT to reduce its energy costs.


Greg McCarron, CEO of Central Irrigation Trust, said “This project marks significant progress towards achieving CIT’s sustainability goals, allowing us to lead by example. The BESS will allow us to significantly lower our carbon footprint while supporting the grid, the community and our customers, at no cost to us. This will contribute to the reliability of the energy system, enable more renewables, help avoid power outages, and reduce our energy expense.”


Jeff Renaud, Head of Enel X Asia and Oceania, said “We are thrilled to work with CIT to deliver this BESS which will intelligently manage the Trust’s energy use. Our customised, turnkey solution will help CIT optimise its energy usage and costs, allowing the sites to run more efficiently while increasing resiliency. Our proven DER.OS platform will allow the batteries to ‘value stack’ across our demand response programs including energy market arbitrage, frequency control ancillary services (FCAS), and access the upcoming wholesale demand response mechanism (WDRM).


Enel X plans to expand its BESS offering in Australia this year, with its tailored and scalable solutions that meet the specific energy needs of customers. Qualifying sites will be eligible to choose from a range of commercial options for different risk appetites.

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