Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Reduce costs, improve resilience and earn payments with battery storage

Australian businesses are embracing battery storage to strategically manage their exposure to the electricity grid, and to protect from financial risk and grid reliability concerns.

Battery storage is transforming how businesses power their operations, and is already economical for many commercial customers. Drive down energy costs with a system that automatically stores electricity when it’s least expensive and consumes it when prices are most expensive.

Storage is starting to play a broader role in energy markets such as replacing conventional power generators for reliability, providing power-quality services, and supporting renewables integration.

Learn more about how businesses use energy storage in this video:


Our world-leading optimisation software maximises financial performance

Enel X has proprietary and world-leading optimisation software, to help you maximise the economic value you can capture from operating your storage system.

Advanced machine learning algorithms learn and predict your facility’s energy needs using historical data, cross-referencing external data such as weather forecasts, energy market prices, tariffs, and more. The algorithms optimise to maximise forecast accuracy, correlation and your returns.

Our optimisation software automatically charges and discharges your assets at optimal times to deliver the highest possible financial return. Your sites will experience no difference in energy consumption, but your electricity costs will decrease as if they did.


Capitalise on broad market opportunities

We operate the largest virtual power plant (VPP) in Australia (BNEF), where we offer distributed energy resources such as batteries, generators and equipment to support the grid. We have unmatched market access to multiple flexibility programs including frequency control, critical peaking, and network opportunities.

VPP participation offers a new revenue stream which can improve your ROI for onsite solar power, and storage also enables the grid to support increasing amounts of renewable power, which will drive down wholesale power costs over time.

VPP participation offers financial and sustainable benefits

  • Demand charge management: Reducing your facility’s peak grid demand levels will result in lower charges based on demand at certain intervals.
  • Energy arbitrage: Store low-cost power when prices are lowest and consume it at times when electricity prices and utility rates are highest.
  • VPP participation: Earn payments for reducing grid demand when called upon without shutting down equipment in your facility. Enel X’s VPP offers access to more demand response and flexibility programs worldwide than any other provider.      
  • Other market programs and incentives: Capitalise on other programs offering compensation for distributed energy storage and solar-plus-storage projects.
  • Pairing with solar: Integrating energy storage can make new or existing solar projects more attractive, providing the ability to use that clean, low- cost power at times when it is most valuable.
  • Improved grid stability: Improving your facility’s flexibility with energy storage helps to keep energy costs down in your community and make the electric grid more reliable and sustainable.
  • Backup power: Under certain configurations, energy storage can be incorporated into a resilience plan to provide backup power in the event of a grid outage.

Working with us

We’re currently developing projects in Australia with a services platform to get businesses the most value from storage, today and into the future.

Our solutions oversee planning and design of your strategy, turnkey implementation which manages market registration, testing and approvals, as well as operation and optimisation of your asset to maximise your returns.

To learn more, contact our team.

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