Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Reduce costs, improve resilience and earn payments with battery storage

Australia’s renewable energy transformation is accelerating, and we need new forms of power capacity to ensure the reliability of the power grid while balancing the natural variability of renewable power. Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are among the most promising technology options available to support renewable power, and BESS are expected to play a huge role in Australia’s future power system.

Many businesses across Australia are well-suited to ‘host’ a BESS within  their facilities, and they’re seizing an opportunity to improve their bottom line while supporting a cleaner and more competitive future for Australia.

Enel X is a global market leader in the development and operation of on-site BESS, and we help Australian businesses determine how BESS should (or shouldn’t) fit into their overall energy strategy.     

The business opportunity

Whether you have an on-site solar (PV) system or an off-site renewable energy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a BESS can help balance the variability of your renewable supply. This could allow you to increase your utilisation of renewable energy while reducing the price risks you face when the sun isn’t shining.  

A BESS can optimise the profile of your power usage, serving to reduce the capacity charges you pay to the network utility, while also potentially shifting some of your power consumption from high-priced peak tariff periods to lower-priced off-peak periods.  

A BESS, when properly integrated into a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform, is capable of providing multiple different valuable services to the power grid. In aggregate, this can generate significant revenue.  

Depending on its configuration, a BESS can enhance your protection against grid emergencies. Not only can it provide a seamless source of backup power supply in a blackout, but it can also protect against short brown-outs that can damage equipment.

BESS have a critical role to play in supporting renewable power. By installing a BESS, you are creating an important new source of power capacity that can help support the grid’s overall transformation.  

Our BESS service offering

While valuable, BESS are technically and commercially complex. There are serious engineering considerations, especially in relation to how a BESS connects to your facility and the broader power grid. And the business case requires a deep consideration of the direction of the energy market.

We approach BESS the same way we approach everything we do – with a mission to make it simple for businesses to access new energy opportunities. To do so, we offer an integrated services platform that includes all aspects of the evaluation, development and ongoing operation of a BESS.

Our BESS services

Feasibility evaluation and business case
BESS sourcing from Tier 1 global suppliers
Turnkey design, engineering and construction
Connection to our DER.OS platform for real-time operation and optimisation of the BESS
VPP trading of the BESS in the power market
Long-term BESS support and maintenance
Capital investment under different structures

Our optimisation engine

A BESS is a big investment, so it’s important that you get the maximum value from every kWh. That’s what our DER.OS platform is made to do. It learns your facility’s operational behaviour, analysing it alongside external data that includes weather forecasts, energy market pricing, tariff structures, and VPP trading opportunities. It then calculates the optimal real-time performance of the BESS, and actively controls how and when it charges and discharges energy. DER.OS then monitors its performance in real-time and recalculates the optimal performance plan every 15 minutes. To make all of this happen, DER.OS leverages sophisticated machine learning and AI algorithms.  

Our commercial offerings

We recognise that every organisation has their own risk appetite for energy investments. As such, we offer a range of flexible commercial structures. The common thread is that every structure allows you to access the benefits of our optimisation engine and our VPP.

The commercial models, and how they work

We invest the capital in the BESS and build it at your facility. We sign a long-term contract that pays you a fixed share of all value created by the BESS, including retail tariff savings and VPP revenues. You get a new revenue stream and enhanced power quality benefits without having to invest any of your capital.  

We invest the capital in the BESS, and build it at your facility. You pay a fixed quarterly fee for providing back-up to your site. We share a portion of all value created by the BESS. The share of value can be negotiated with the monthly fee.    

You invest the capital and own the BESS. We build it at your facility and operate and maintain it on a long-term basis. We retain a fixed share of all value created by the BESS, including both retail tariff savings and VPP revenues. With access to our VPP and DER.OS platform, and with a structure that aligns our financial returns with yours, we can de-risk your business case and maximise your ROI.  

Why businesses work with us

We are a trusted global market leader for C&I BESS

Guidehouse Insights cited Enel X as a leading global integrator of C&I BESS. We have a track record of success, and we are on a path to exceed 500MW of total BESS capacity under operation by 2023.

We offer a unique approach to BESS

Put simply, we offer a platform that gets the most value from every kWh of BESS capacity, and we offer commercial models that can be tailored to suit your risk and investment criteria.

We make this (relatively) easy

Our experienced team will guide you step-by-step through the process from evaluation to delivery, management and ongoing optimisation, to deliver results.

We welcome the opportunity to help you evaluate whether a BESS works for your business.

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