Wholesale Energy Market Participation

Wholesale Energy Market Participation

Drive competition and get the best price for your wholesale energy, renewable, and nontraditional transactions

Utilities, government agencies, and large commercial and industrial (C&I) energy consumers partner with Enel X to make wholesale energy market participation easier and more effective.

Get the Best Price and Terms on Wholesale Purchases

With our proven auction technology, Enel X drives competition among bidders to deliver the best price available, provides transparency into the auction for both buyers and sellers, and integrates with your existing procurement processes. Over 20 years and 60,000 pricing events, Enel X has mastered the competitive auction process, consistently delivering results up to 10% below market.

Graph showing how wholesale energy auction bidding works

Integrate Renewables Into Your Supply Mix

Our team of experts will drive competition among renewable suppliers and help your organization make informed purchasing decisions that fit your broader wholesale energy strategy. Buyers have purchased more than 2,000 MW of long-term PPAs in both international and domestic markets through the Enel X platform.

Simplify Purchases of Nontraditional Products

Today’s energy market offers a growing number of nontraditional products, which require new processes and involve new implications involving procurement. Our experts will simplify the process and ensure that all nontraditional transactions align with your existing portfolio.

Simplify Purchases of Nontraditional Products


Learn more about how Enel X is your ultimate partner for wholesale energy auctions. We work alongside wholesale market participants to assist them in buying and selling energy commodities faster and more efficiently. Enel X helps its partners to secure the best price in energy auction through a combination of hyper competition and real-time visibility.

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Demand Response

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