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The Key to Decarbonization

The public sector is on the leading edge of national, state, and local decarbonization efforts. Distributed energy—from solar-plus-storage to demand response—is a critical part of the solution, and Enel X has the technology, expertise, and proven record to deliver it.

Always On, Always Green

Smart cities and institutions are looking to get greener faster while improving energy resiliency, reliability, and cost. Participating in programs such as demand response and installing batteries locally empower public entities to take greater control over their energy systems. Saving money along the way? Even better.

engineers in front of Enel X battery energy storage system at UMass Boston

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lights in union square and new york city skyline

Clean Power for the People

Enel X offers public sector clients the broadest array of technology solutions, backed by the expertise to use them most effectively, to accelerate the clean energy transition. Robust distributed energy results in resilient cities and, by extension, resilient communities.

A Streamlined Approach to a Greener Future

Distributed energy solutions turn government and other public sector clients into smart producers and users of renewable energy, helping green their operations, the electric grid, and the constituents they serve.

Solar panels on rooftop of building at UMass Boston's campus