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Next Stop: Emissions-Free Transit

Removing carbon from daily travel—at scale—is a key pillar of smart city initiatives around North America. Enel X is the only global energy management leader with the turn-key zero-emission fleet solutions to scale.

Revving Up Your EV Future

Electrifying public transportation and government fleets used to be the stuff of science fiction. Now it’s a matter of public record.

row of Enel X smart EV chargers charging electric buses

 woman charging electric car with Enel X JuicePedestal

Power to the People

Public-sector constituents want green options now. Only Enel X has the portfolio of solutions to green both public-sector operations and those of the public they serve.

A Global Advantage

Enel X is a global EV charging leader, innovating around the world. We bring that rich global experience, and a strong balance sheet, to every electrification challenge you face.

row of electric buses