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Energy Market Insights for January 2023

Our Enel X team analyzes the latest headlines and price movements in North America.

January 23, 2023

In our January Energy Market Insights, our team of analysts offers their monthly breakdown of the stories, products and price movements in North American energy markets. To find out more, download the full report, which covers topics like:


New England: Find out what December’s capacity scarcity event and subsequent price spike in ISO-NE shows about fixed prices and risk. 


New York: NYISO plans to add an energy storage procurement program focused on doubling the storage capacity goal by 2030. Find out how this could affect customer electricity bills and why cost reductions could come in the form of peak shaving.


Mid-Atlantic: Find out why the 2024/2025 capacity auction results were delayed and what that means for energy users.


Midwest: A new 10-year analysis shows MISO reliability issues are expected to persist into the future. Find out how this could impact electricity prices in coming years.


California: Severe supply shortages in the western U.S. triggered price blowouts in gas markets in December. Find out whether this volatility will continue in California gas markets moving forward.


Texas: ERCOT expects to add 20 GW of capacity in 2023 – could this weaken a portion of the bullish pressure on ERCOT power markets?


Mexico: Find out how Mexico plans to further increase its transmission capacity.


Natural Gas: A recent bill in Ohio has classified natural gas as “green energy.” Learn why such a label is misleading to the public and get the latest on natural gas supply, demand, and pricing.


Renewable Energy: Wind project completions in Q3 2022 were the lowest quarterly addition of the year. Find out whether this trend will continue into 2023.


Download the full report to find out more!