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Energy Market Insights for December 2022

Our Enel X team analyzes the latest headlines and price movements in North America.

December 21, 2022

In the December Energy Market Insights, our team of analysts offers their monthly breakdown of the stories, products and price movements in North American energy markets. To find out more, download the full report, which covers topics like:


New England: ISO-NE oil inventories remain lower year-over-year, despite a strong rebound in recent months. Discover what this means for customers, especially those with open positions in Winter 2023.


New York: NYISO has low risk for peak-demand blackouts in the near term – but find out why long-term grid reliability remains in doubt.


Mid-Atlantic: The 2587 MW Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project continues moving forward. Learn the latest on this project that could supply power to 660,000 homes in the state.


California: California’s offshore wind auction has paved the way for 4.5 GW of potential wind development in the state. Find out how this could impact the state’s progress toward renewable energy targets in the near-term and long-term.


Texas: CY2023 ERCOT power prices surged $14/MWh in less than a week. Discover how customers can take advantage of market dips in times of high price volatility.


Mexico: Find out about Mexico’s commitments to doubling its clean generation capacity at COP27.


Natural Gas: December saw major price increases for natural gas on the US West Coast. Find out what happened, and how this should affect your energy procurement strategy.


Renewable Energy: Get a breakdown of CO2e emissions rankings by state, and learn how they can help as benchmarks in environmental and sustainability efforts.


Download the full report to find out more!