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Committed to achieving a positive impact for environment and society through our business

Joined 2022 West Japan branch Kyushu office Business Development Manager

Joined Enel X with a passion for Fukuoka and the belief that Enel X would be able to provide innovative solutions that would also contribute to the local community. He is responsible for managing existing Demand Response customers and exploring new customers who are willing to participate in the Enel X Japan Demand Response programs.


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What was your major at university and what did you do before joining Enel X?

My major was the Code of Criminal Procedure in the Law Faculty. A popular prosecutor drama at the time of my university entrance exam influenced my choice. I enjoy engaging with people and sought a profession that would allow me to interact closely with others. Consequently, I’ve been in sales since graduating from college. In my previous role, I sold safety equipment. My current role involves selling intangible products, making it crucial to thoroughly understand various contract terms and conditions. I find the knowledge I acquired from my law major to be incredibly beneficial.

What motivated you to change jobs and why did you choose Enel X Japan?

I first came across the Demand Response solution when I encountered the job description from Enel X. It piqued my interest as it seemed like an innovative solution with significant potential to benefit the environment and society. I was deeply moved by the company’s dedication to ensuring a stable electricity supply, a critical aspect of daily life.


During the interview process, I learned that employees are given a degree of autonomy in their work and numerous opportunities to actively engage in areas of interest. I felt that this corporate culture aligned well with my personal work style.


Upon joining the company, I found that I indeed have the freedom to manage my tasks and schedule, which contributes to my job satisfaction. Enel X embraces a “family first” philosophy, allowing for flexibility in our daily work to accommodate individual family circumstances. The ability to drop off and pick up my children from school brings me joy. I believe I’ve achieved a commendable work-life balance.

What are the challenges you have faced since joining Enel X Japan?

Transitioning into an industry vastly different from my previous experiences initially posed a challenge, particularly in grasping the fundamentals of the power sector. However, the open and communicative culture at Enel X eased this process. I can seek advice when needed, and I’ve gradually managed to bridge the gap in my basic understanding of electricity, a task I initially perceived as daunting.

What is your favorite part of your job at Enel X?

I have a passion for working with people and have always aspired to work in a manner that positively impacts everyone I interact with. Many potential consumers who haven’t previously participated in the Demand Response program are often unaware of its existence. When I inform them about the compensation they’ll receive for participating, along with the opportunity to contribute to society, they express gratitude, which brings me immense joy. Securing a new contract from such a customer feels rewarding.


This situation creates a win-win-win scenario, benefiting not just me, but also the consumers and others involved.

Can you tell what has changed or grown since you joined Enel X?

My understanding of power and environmental issues has significantly expanded and evolved. I make it a point to read materials on these topics published by public agencies, even if they don’t directly pertain to my work. In today’s world, where decarbonization and sustainability are becoming increasingly crucial, I aspire to contribute to society by elucidating these concepts, along with Demand Response, in a more comprehensible manner.

What are your career plans at Enel X?

I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge in energy and honed my sales skills. I’m eager to proactively impart these skills to my subordinates and provide them with support. Given the dynamic nature of this industry, I aim to propose a broad spectrum of energy-related solutions. My focus extends beyond Demand Response to include areas like carbon pricing and battery storage.

Please explain your working style.

I typically visit the Fukuoka office 2 to 3 times a week. If my customer visits coincide, I go directly to the customer and then head home. The company offers excellent remote work support, so I haven’t encountered any significant issues. We have an all-hands meeting at the Tokyo headquarters every six months, and I visit the headquarters every three to six months. We utilize an online chat tool for internal communication, which makes me feel connected to my colleagues, even if they aren’t physically nearby. I’m confident that if I face any challenges in the future, I’ll be able to resolve them swiftly with the help of my coworkers.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I’m a sauna enthusiast and a member of the company’s sauna club. Whenever I travel to Tokyo, we all convene and visit a sauna. Fukuoka boasts numerous saunas, so when my colleagues are in Kyushu for work, we relish them together. The company offers a variety of club activities, including bouldering, darts, and golf. Participating in these is a delight!

Any message for future Enel X members?

I believe that the flexibility in our work style and the ability to create a work-life balance stems from the fact that every employee at Enel X highly values individual initiative. It’s also crucial that we have a passion for our work.

Even if one comes from a different industry, knowledge can still be acquired. I aspire to collaborate with individuals who initially comprehend the services, such as Demand Response and Virtual Power Plant, which contribute to the decarbonized society that Enel X strives for, and who find these services “intriguing”.