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Committed to achieving a positive impact for environment and society through our business

Joined 2022 Fukuoka Office Business Development Manager

Joined Enel X with a passion for Fukuoka and the belief that Enel X would be able to provide innovative solutions that would also contribute to the local community. He is responsible for managing existing Demand Response customers and exploring new customers who are willing to participate in the Enel X Japan Demand Response programs.


Hakata port and tower

What was your major at university and what did you do before joining Enel X?

I majored in Code of Criminal Procedure in the Faculty of Law. I was influenced by a drama about a prosecutor that was popular at the time I took the university entrance exam. I like interacting with people and wanted to work in a job where I could involve myself with people. So I have been in sales ever since I graduated from college. In my last job, I was selling safety equipment. As my current job is intangible product sales, it is very important to confirm various terms and conditions in contracts. I feel that the knowledge I gained in my law major has been very useful.

What motivated you to change jobs and why did you choose Enel X Japan?

I only learned about the Demand Response solution when I saw Enel X's job description. I was very interested in it because I thought it was an innovative solution that would greatly contribute to the environment and society. I was also very sympathetic to the company's commitment to protecting the stable supply of electricity, which is so important to people's lives.


During the interviews, I was told that individuals have a certain amount of discretion in their work and that there are many opportunities to actively participate in what they are interested in, and I thought that the corporate culture would fit my style as well.


After joining the company, I am actually able to manage what to do and when to do it, and this leads to job satisfaction. At Enel X, the "family first" philosophy is widely adopted, and we can be flexible in our daily work to accommodate each family member's circumstances. I am happy that I can pick up and drop off my children at school. I feel that I have a very good work-life balance.

What are the challenges you have faced since joining Enel X Japan?

Since the industry is completely different from the ones I have worked in before, it was difficult for me to first learn the basics of the power industry. However, Enel X has a culture where everyone is open and easy to communicate with.  I am able to get advice when necessary, and I have gradually been able to fill in the gaps in my basic knowledge of electric power, which I initially thought would be difficult.

What is your favorite part of your job at Enel X?

I like working with people, and I have always wanted to work in a way that benefits all the people I interact with. Many new consumers who have not participated in Demand Response before are not aware of the program. When I tell them that they will be compensated for participating in the program and that they will also be able to make a social contribution, they are grateful, and I feel very happy. I feel rewarded when I receive a new contract from such a customer.


It is a win-win-win for everyone, not only myself but also the consumers and others.

Can you tell what has changed or grown since you joined Enel X?

My knowledge of power and the environment has grown much more than before, and I think I have improved. I read materials on power and the environment published by public agencies, even if they are not directly related to my work. Nowadays, as decarbonization and sustainability are becoming essential, I want to be able to contribute to society by explaining the power and the environment more clearly, as well as Demand Response.

What are your career plans at Enel X?

I believe I have built up my knowledge of energy and sales skills, so I would like to pass these skills on to subordinates proactively and give support. Since this is an industry that is constantly evolving, I would like to propose a wide range of energy-related solutions, not only Demand Response but also carbon pricing and storage batteries.

Please explain your working style.

I usually go to the Fukuoka office 2~3 times a week. When my visits to customers overlap, I go directly to the customer and return home. The company provides good support for working remotely, so I have not had any particular problems. There is an all-hands meeting at the Tokyo headquarters once every six months, and I go to the headquarters every three to six months. We use an online chat tool for internal communication, and I feel like my colleagues are close by, even if they are not sitting next to me. I believe that if I encounter any difficulties in the future, I will be able to solve them easily because I can reach out to my coworkers for advice.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I like saunas, so I am a member of the sauna club at the company. Whenever I go to Tokyo, we all get together and go to the sauna. There are many saunas in Fukuoka, so when my colleagues come to Kyushu on business, we enjoy them together. The company has various club activities such as bouldering, darts, and golf. It is fun to join!

Any message for future Enel X members?

I think that being flexible in our work style and being able to design a work-life balance is because every employee at Enel X values independent initiative very highly. It is also important that we are passionate about what we do.


Knowledge can be gained even if coming from a different industry. I would like to work with people who first understand the services, such as Demand Response and Virtual Power Plant that lead to the decarbonized society that Enel X aims for, and who find them "interesting".