Innovation, simplicity and security: Enel X’s payment services

Discover PayTipper, the payment solution for private individuals, store owners and companies.

Published on 14 October 2020

Easy, secure payments with PayTipper and Enel X Financial Services

The banking and payment services market is currently undergoing a radical transformation. Digitalization, technological innovation and a number of key reforms, such as the 2007 PSD (Payments Service Directive) on the Single Euro Payments Area, have encouraged new fintech operators to enter the sector.

Following on from these changes, in 2015 the new PSD2 directive, which was aimed at increasing payment security, innovation and competition, opened the European market up to new players, enabling them to offer their financial services and to access customer banking details. This was the context via which Enel X entered the market, with the objective of offering innovative, secure, simple and quick financial and payment solutions, integrated into the entire suite of Enel Group solutions so as to extend the access to these services and make them increasingly affordable for everybody.

The first utility company accredited by Banca d’Italia

In 2017 we became the first utility company to be accredited as an e-money institution (EMI) by Banca d'Italia (The Bank of Italy). We therefore created Enel X Financial Services, a new division charged with bringing our Group's innovation, values and solidity to the sector through state-of-the-art technologies and solutions developed in collaboration with leading European financial partners.

The next step was the acquisition, at the end of 2019, of a 55% stake in PayTipper , a payment institution capable of creating efficient, customizable solutions to offer to the market, such as services to meet the needs of commercial partners or those of banks, payment institutions and other financial companies. PayTipper guarantees the simple management of daily spending for private individuals, fast transactions for store owners, and customized, scalable services for companies.

Secure and efficient payments: the PuntoPuoi network for store owners

With PayTipper individuals can easily, securely and cheaply pay giro slips. It can be done both online as well as in affiliated stores: bars, tobacconists, newsagents, and private postal service networks. No more queues or long waits: as of today, more than 5,000 stores throughout Italy can accept giro slip payments thanks to the services offered by PayTipper. It’s an extensive network consisting of approximately 2,000 Enel X PuntoPuoi outlets as well as a further 3,000 partners.

This is a great opportunity for both customers and store owners. Indeed, joining the network means becoming part of the Enel X PuntoPuoi team and being able to offer the PayTipper payment services, and with it the possibility to offer customers a wide range of services that can help store owners grow their business and diversify their offering.

A PC, a printer and an Internet connection is all that's required to become part of the PuntoPuoi network. And we take care of the rest, with our dedicated team that's ready to help affiliated store owners promote their business and is on hand to meet every possible need. Store owners can also request authorization to use our POS+, the only system that enables customers to make purchases and giro slip payments with debit cards, credit cards and the PagoBancomat debit card network for the same price as making a cash payment.

What can be paid for using PayTipper

At affiliated stores it's possible to pay giro slips issued by over 38,000 payees, including utility companies, private organizations, public bodies and associations: telephone, electricity and gas bills, apartment building expenses and municipal taxes. It's also possible to use PagoPA, an electronic system which enables people and companies to make any payments they wish to local government organizations as well as to public utility operators.

Furthermore, it's also possible to pay Mav, Rav and Freccia (Italian direct debit systems) giro slips, road tax, carry out business registration searches, send and receive parcels, top up phones and pay TV subscription charges. Finally, at some PuntoPuoi outlets it's possible to access Enel X's home services as well as Amazon HubCounter, the service for collecting Amazon deliveries from our affiliated stores.

PayTipper for companies

PayTipper is also the perfect payment management system for companies, particularly those operating in specialized or niche sectors where a standard service is never enough. We've developed services for the insurance, banking and utility sectors. We offer customized solutions for bill payments, the online marketplace and for acquiring. In addition, we're also able to design and develop, together with the client, services and payment solutions that are customized, replicable and adaptable to meet the needs of their company.

Thanks to a data-driven business model that's focused on the needs of the client, the exact same one that our entire platform for developing energy sector solutions is based on, Enel X Financial Services is today able to go beyond the bounds of its traditional business, with a complete range of integrated financial services that are capable of offering increasingly more personalized added value.

And soon we'll be extending our offering even further by combining PayTipper with a new state-of-the-art solution: a unique tool for autonomously managing accounts and investments, making payments using apps, pre-paid cards or the network of Enel X affiliated stores, and making donations to support the quest towards sustainability. It’s an approach that reaffirms our commitment to simplify the day-to-day lives of our customers, by placing people, as always, at the heart of everything we do.

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