Enel X’s Successful First Year at CES

Enel X started the new decade in Las Vegas, which every year hosts the world’s largest technology conference, the annual Consumer Electronics Show. CES 2020 provides the ideal venue to showcase our range of products and services that are enabling cars, homes, cities and businesses to operate more efficiently and sustainably as they strive to lessen their environmental impact and to embrace the energy revolution that’s taking place through digitalization and the circular economy.

The world is transitioning to a Circular Economy

The increased attention to building 100% sustainable supply chains at CES is testament to our belief that the Circular Economy is coming. By eliminating the use of non-renewable energy sources and developing products with recyclable and reusable materials, companies will be able to play their part in tackling environmental challenges such as limited resources, climate change, and waste management.

In addition to measuring the circularity of our own products and services, we also work with companies to help them identify areas for improvement in their own supply chains. At CES, we introduced companies to our Circular Economy Report, an assessment that examines the circularity of companies’ operations and proposes a roadmap to improve energy performance and boost recycling.

Homes and transportation are becoming cleaner and more accessible

CES 2020 attendees were the first to experience our next generation of smart charging solutions in North America for residential, commercial, utility, and automotive customers. This product line builds off of our best-selling flagship charger, the JuiceBox 40, and will speed electric vehicle adoption and support the decarbonization of energy and transportation sectors.

Other solutions from the Juice range were also presented at CES, from the JuiceBox to the JuicePump, suitable for public use and capable of charging most electric vehicles by 80% in about 30 minutes.


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