Enel X and Es’givien, beautiful and sustainable fashion thanks to the circular economy model

Three sisters from Verona, one dream: to create a fashion house. In 2004, one of them, Vivilla Zampini, sent a proposal to Pitti Immagine with a book of clothing in technical fabric. Months later she got a phone call: they liked the book and requested a meeting with the sisters to view their entire collection. The only drawback was that the collection didn’t exist: the sisters got it together in an instant, gathering everything they needed, left-over material, leather offcuts and even pieces of upholstery.  And this is how an outstanding “Made In Italy” brand got its start. Since 2014 Es’givien has also been making its mark with the “Il Fashion Bello e Buono” project which places the company at the forefront of sustainable fashion. Given that Enel X’s business model is focused on sustainability and circular economy, it was inevitable that the two companies’ paths would intersect as they did when Es’givien turned to Enel X for assistance in increasing circularity levels in the company and in their best-selling item, the ES957 overcoat.

The meeting was the beginning of a success story, the case study of which was at the heart of the first edition of the #ilfashionbelloebuono network initiative entitled “Change, Innovation and Sustainability in Fashion and beyond” and held on 22 November in the prestigious setting of the Salone dei Cinquecento at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. The event was organised by Es’givien in collaboration with Enel X to discuss the circular economy, climate change and new business models in fashion and other sectors of the economy with managers, representatives of institutions, experts, researchers and numerous young people.

New consumption models

The switch from the current linear economic model – produce, consume, discard – to the circular economy “is no longer a choice, it is a necessary transition because we don’t have the resources to meet the needs of an increasingly numerous population,” as Nicola Tagliafierro, Head of Sustainable Product Development at the Innovability division of Enel X pointed out. He outlined the five core circular economy business models that help to get the most use from products and consequently reduce consumption of global resources: recycle and reuse, sustainable input (renewable, recyclable, biodegradable raw materials), the sharing economy, products as a service (the possibility of using products without having to buy them), and product life extension.

Enel X has used these models to develop innovative instruments for circular measurement and acceleration. For example, the Circular Economy Score employs a scoring system from 1 to 5 to calculate the level of circularity of individual products and the Circular Economy Report analyses and measures the energy circularity of a business and its premises. Furthermore, the Circular Economy Boosting Program identifies the actions required to increase circularity at a corporate level, at company premises and for individual products.  These models are all validated and certified by RINA, an independent certification organisation.

The mission of Enel X, Tagliafierro specified, is to act as a “booster, an accelerator, for the circular economy, both internally regarding the solutions in our portfolio, and externally in dealing with suppliers and clients including public administrations and companies". The approach is always the same:  measure the level of circularity and boost “because there is no point in measuring without trying to improve on the original result.” This is exactly the case of Es’givien.


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