Start up/Light up: a competition to innovate lighting

AIDI - Associazione Italiana di Illuminazione (the Italian Lighting Association), of which Enel X is a member, has launched a competition for innovative projects related to lighting, home automation and the smart city.

Published on 19 November 2019

Concorso per idee innovative di smart lighting

A competition for innovative smart lighting ideas open to startups, informal teams, academics and individual inventors. This is “Start Up / Light Up” which has been launched by AIDI - Associazione Italiana di Illuminazione (the Italian Lighting Association) in order to seek out and reward new solutions for lighting, home automation and the smart city. Enel X is main sponsor.

The aim of the competition is to create a platform where ideas, talent, investment and skills can meet and encourage the growth and exposure of young businesses in the industry.

AIDI works to divulge scientific, technical and cultural information in order to promote awareness about themes and issues related to lighting.

Ever since its establishment in 1959, AIDI has been committed to spreading and promoting the “culture of light,” bringing together producers, service suppliers, operators, designers, the world of academia, lighting designers, distributors and enthusiasts.

Enel X is a natural partner for AIDI’s commitment: our long experience in the industry and the many innovative smart lighting solutions created for Italy’s cities are proof of our awareness and commitment to supporting the country’s urban centres through the process of smart, digital evolution.

Lighting brings a city to life

The innovative businesses register in Italy includes 8,393 startups, of which only 47 are active in the world of illumination and technical lighting. And yet so-called smart lighting is increasingly at the heart of the digital and evolved development of our cities.

Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Building are all terms that indicate models where light is a key element in creating new services based on the transmission speed of information that benefits users, improving the quality of life and guaranteeing advanced connectivity and mobility services,” said Gian Paolo Roscio, AIDI President, at the competition’s presentation.

AIDI is committed in its daily work and with Start Up / Light Up in particular to promoting initiatives that encourage and support the culture of lighting and stimulate the ability to experiment and innovate.

Let Innovation be the winner, tailor-made for the city

The Start Up / Light Up submissions will be judged on the innovation, feasibility and robustness of the projects. The deadline for submissions is 30 March 2020.


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