Ivrea, this time urban innovation comes in the form of a new LED lighting system

Public lighting in large areas of the city, which is the home of Olivetti, has been updated by the installation of 206 LED units. The initiative includes the Museum of Modern Architecture’s pedestrian walkway

Published on 14 October 2019

Some of the LED devices that have been installed in the town of Ivrea

A new type of more efficient and sustainable lighting now graces the town of Ivrea, the home of Olivetti, thanks to technologically innovative solutions by Enel X. Ivrea’s year-long public lighting upgrade initiative was completed in May. Enel X’s e-city team installed new LED units on a series of streets, specifically along the stretch of Via Jervis between Via Pinchia and Corso Torino, on the steps leading to Talponia (the residential complex that Olivetti built for its employees) and all along Via Tupiun. The artistic lighting for the MAM (Museum of Modern Architecture) is also new, as the pedestrian walkway has been enhanced by LED light poles.


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