Boston: innovation turned up to ten

In Boston innovation has now been turned up to number ten. The number is significant for two reasons – first, because this launch means there are now ten of our Group’s Innovation Hubs around the world, after the opening on May 7 of the centre at  Greentown Labs, the USA’s largest cleantech incubator, which has already helped nurture more than 170 fledgling companies. The Boston Innovation Hub is the latest in a global network stretching from Russia to Israel and Europe to the Americas, with the aim of attracting talent to contribute to the Enel Group’s technological innovation and push it even further out onto the cutting edge, increasing its competitiveness in the global market. The formula is to open up to startups, universities, research centres and winning ideas in general, wherever they are, and no matter what their source.

The second reason the number ten is important is that it’s also the mark that Boston would get for its performance in innovation: a clear ten out of ten that is acknowledged worldwide. According to Emily Reichert, CEO of Greentown Labs, the city boasts “an incredibly creative technological startup ecosystem that is working tirelessly. Boston enjoys a long tradition in this field, starting with MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the most widespread philosophy here where we work is that we enjoy tackling and solving technical problems: the more complex, the better, in fact. And nobody does it for the money – we just can’t sleep until we’ve cracked the problem.” 


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