Formula E: Enel X on the track in Rome

A sustainable city, where e-vehicles join today’s petrol and diesel vehicles on its streets – that was Rome on Saturday 13 April during the second Rome E-Prix race, the seventh stage of the ABB-FIA Formula E World Championship. 22 cars raced at top speed along the straights and through the chicanes of the 2.8 kilometre circuit winding among the metaphysical architecture of Rome’s EUR Quarter. The event was accompanied by music, performances, attractions for young and old on the e-mobility theme and an enthusiastic audience - over 35,000 people on the stands and 35 million watching live on TV in 9o countries. The race lived up to expectations with unexpected events, drama and spectacular duels. The eventual winner was New Zealander Mitch Evans of the Panasonic Jaguar team, after a breathtaking manoeuvre half-way through the race that saw him overtake German driver André Lotterer, who had started in pole position.

Enel X on the track at the e-Prix in Rome

35,000 passionate people, 22 electric cars that battled on the track and  us, #EnelX, with our technology. Here is everything that happened at Formula E's #RomeEPrix!

City Analytics takes to the track

City analized during the Rome E-Prix



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