Endesa X to install a 2.500 kW self-consumption PV plant for Alvinesa Natural Ingredients in Ciudad Real, Spain.

Endesa X is to install a 2,500 kW self-consumption photovoltaic system at a facility owned by, Alvinesa, one leading companies in the extraction of natural ingredients from the grape, in Daimiel in the Spanish province of Ciudad Real.

Published on 22 March 2019


Spain could hardly fail to recognise the potential of its invaluable renewable energy source in helping to fulfil its energy consumption needs. In fact, Endesa X has just consolidated its go-to position on the Spanish Distributed Generation Market with a major success in providing innovative solutions to industrial customers with the announcement of a contract to install one of the largest self-consumption photovoltaic systems in Spain. 

Alvinesa, one of the main industrial producers of natural ingredients obtained from the grape, has turned to Endesa X’s expertise for its Daimiel facility, where by the end of this year work will begin on installing the photovoltaic system. This is a major project both in terms of power and design ambition, given the fact that the 2,500 kW PV system will provide about 20% of current facility´s energy requirements.

Photovoltaic technology ensures clean, renewable energy for self-consumption, providing greater energy efficiency and savings due to the reduced consumption of electricity from the grid; it is also a practical responsible way of respecting the environment contributing to meeting Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.  Endesa X is matching renewable sources with innovative solutions to create a sustainable and forward-looking partnership.


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