A bright revival for Cosenza

The Enel X project to redevelop public lighting in Cosenza is already providing excellent results in terms of energy savings and services to the city’s inhabitants

Published on 20 March 2018

A bright revival for Cosenza

In the Middle Ages Cosenza was, after Palermo and Naples, Emperor Frederick II’s favourite city. During the Renaissance it was called “The Athens of Calabria” for its flourishing school of philosophical. Nowadays, the city is embarking on a new renaissance in the name of culture and urban redevelopment.

Enel X is also contributing to this process of renewal thanks to Enel Sole, an Enel Group company specialised in public and artistic lighting. The project in Cosenza includes the modernisation of public lighting systems and the addition of new systems. Thanks to our technology that is more efficient and reliable, the city’s administration will save in economic terms while simultaneously offering its citizens a more agreeable quality of lighting and a greater sense of safety.

The central role of LEDs

The project was launched in 2013 and involves the overall management of the public lighting systems owned by the Municipality (10,450 light units in total) and the city’s traffic lights (29 systems for a total of 391 lights) until 2022.

More precisely, the project includes the replacement of all the traffic lights and most of the street lamps with LED lamps, the rewiring of other lamps with new power supply units and new white bulbs which complement the light of the LEDs to ensure uniform lighting, the replacement of the old control panel switches with new astronomical timer switches, i.e. switches which use dedicated software to automatically regulate themselves according to the time of sunset and sunrise each day.

Most of the new LED street lamps were installed and all of the switches were replaced between 2015 and 2016. The rewiring began in 2017 and will be completed by the end of 2018, as will the replacement of all the traffic lights. The results have already met expectations: the figures for 2016 indicate that the city’s administration has made energy savings of 37% compared with the previous year.

Safer public parks

We paid particular attention to the city’s public parks, restoring them fully for the citizens and making them safer. Our commitment was perfectly aligned with an initiative launched by the Municipality of Cosenza for the redevelopment of its public parks.

The new systems illuminate Emilio Morrone Park and Grazia Deledda Park with respectively 31 and 34 LED street lamps, while the green area of Piazza della Vittoria now has 77 new LED lamps.

The lighting of Nicholas Green Park is even more splendid and sophisticated after 117 latest-generation Archilede Multiplace Technology LED lamps were installed there. The park’s most picturesque features deserved special lighting: its 31 magnificent olive trees, each located in the middle its own flowerbed, were enhanced with dedicated LED lamps.

In addition to the parks, the Padre Giglio Underpass that extends for over two kilometres below the city had been awaiting redevelopment: to ensure adequate lighting, the existing lights were replaced with 109 LED lights and the electrical supply lines were updated.

Enel Sole in Italy

Cosenza is one of more than 3,700 Italian Municipalities (almost half of the country’s total) that have turned to Enel Sole: from big cities such as Bologna to important regional cities like Rimini, Catanzaro, Carbonia, Alexandria and Pescara, to smaller towns like Paderno Dugnano (Milan) and Città di Castello (Perugia, Umbria), to ancient villages such as Pietralunga (also in Umbria). In total we manage more than 2 million lighting units, equal to over 20% of the national market.

Cosenza Digital City

Cosenza has a special value for the Enel Group: it is one of the first cities we chose for the launch of a smart city project, together with Genoa, L'Aquila and Bari in Italy, Barcelona and Málaga in Spain, Búzios in Brazil and Santiago in Chile.

In particular, in Cosenza and Bari we launched the Res Novae project (meaning ‘new things’ in Latin, but also an acronym for the Italian words for Networks, Buildings, Roads, New Virtuous Objectives for the Environment and Energy), an integrated platform for optimising cities’ energy flows at the level of electricity grids, individual buildings and urban islands thanks to innovative solutions, including electricity storage systems along the low voltage line. The smart city project is also connected to the creation of the “Urban Lab Crea Cosenza”, a space dedicated to teaching, multimedia and exhibition activities.

One of the city’s peripheral towns, Rende, is home to Calbatt: a young and innovative company specialising in energy storage and electric mobility systems which was also established thanks to our programme to support startups.

Lastly, Cosenza has been chosen as the site of Italy’s first National Educational and Training Centre for Wind Turbine Mechatronics, an initiative created with the participation of Enel Green Power to promote the dissemination of technical and scientific culture and to boost employment. Because rebirth can only start from civil society.


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