Emilia Romagna, wellbeing and innovation

Castel San Giovanni is located in the extreme northwest of Emilia Romagna, not far from the Po River and the border with Lombardy. Rimini is at the other end, where the Via Emilia, the age-old highway that traverses the entire region, reaches the sea. What the two centres have in common is Enel X light. In fact, these are just two of the many municipalities in Emilia-Romagna that have turned to Enel Sole, the Enel X company specialised in public illumination, for their street lighting.

Enel Sole in Bologna

Bologna is Enel Sole’s largest Italian municipality customer, and the interventions in the city are truly wide-ranging. The most significant project concerns the replacement of approximately 21,500 street fixtures with advanced Archilede High Performance and Archilede Evolution LED systems equipped to be controlled remotely; the new street lamps can also be used for value-added services such as the installation of real time surveillance systems, thanks to wireless or fibre optic connections.

The project also includes the replacement of all the traffic lights with LED lights, the modernisation of power lines, the installation of 33,000 remote control boxes, around 7,500 lighting fixtures for street furniture and 3,600 LED tension wires.

The total savings are estimated at 10 million kWh of electricity per year, for an estimated annual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of 8 million tonnes.