Integrated solutions are now on the rooftops of Chile

The Chilean construction company CIDEPA has entrusted the Enel Group with the design of rooftop solar plants for two residential complexes in Santiago, Chile

Published on 7 March 2018

Integrated solutions are now on the rooftops of Chile

The photovoltaic market is growing rapidly in Chile. We need only consider that the Atacama Desert area of Chile has the highest level of irradiation in the world and the country’s capital Santiago is preparing to inaugurate the world’s first subway system powered solely by green energy.

Energy efficiency with Enel X’s renewable energy

For some years now, this city at the foot of the Andes has been experiencing a genuine boom in renewable energy, including its building sector that has long looked to photovoltaic systems and energy-efficient retrofitting. Between the central Parque Almagro and the Movistar Arena, the Lord Cochrane stands tall within the populous capital of Chile with 540 apartments for a housing capacity of about 1,080 people. The challenge? Offering an alternative, eco-friendly solution for the supply of hot water, thanks to the perfect union of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The apartment block with a solar rooftop

The Chilean construction company CIDEPA, with forty years’ experience and a thorough appreciation of the added value of sustainability, chose an Enel Group B2B solution for this 34-storey residential building.

The Lord Cochrane residential complex is located a few metres from Avenida Matta, one of the oldest and most important calles of the city; it has recently undergone an innovative renovation that has included the installation of 135 panels for thermal energy, 4 solar tanks of 10,000 litres each and two 230 kWt aerothermal heat pumps on its 346 square metres of roof space. This solar rooftop is not only synonymous with ergonomics and sustainability, in terms of results, the rooftop plant offers a notable reduction in energy consumption for the building’s residents, who will spend about 40% less than they would using conventional solutions with natural gas or LPG.

An eco-friendly, energy-saving solution

The solution that Enel developed for CIDEPA’s Lord Cochrane residential complex has opened up important opportunities in the Business-to-Business segment and new perspectives for the Chilean capital’s building and real estate market. In fact, Enel and CIDEPA have recently inaugurated a second project in the southern quadrant of the metropolitan area of Santiago. The San Nicolas building in the residential and commercial area of Barrio San Miguel uses a rooftop plant based on the same concept as that of the Lord Cochrane building, with an additional online or real-time integrated monitoring system. The “eco-amigable” roof of San Nicolas has 120 square metres of thermal solar collectors, two 130 kWt aerothermal heat pumps and three electric boilers for backup, which together generate considerable energy savings for the apartments.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that the Mapuche, an ancient Chilean Amerindian population, believed that Antu, the spirit of the sun, was a superior being that controlled the world.


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