Smart city, a challenge overcome with Expo 2015

Smart Lighting Solutions, three sustainable solutions from Enel for the world’s first all-electric smart city

Published on 9 March 2018

Smart city, a challenge overcome with Expo 2015

Expo 2015 was one of Enel’s greatest technological success stories. The original challenge was to build an all-electric smart city from the ground up. The smart city of 100,000 inhabitants constructed by Enel for Milan’s Universal Expo was a decisive step along the road towards creating technical infrastructure with greater respect for the environment.

Expo 2015 was dedicated to food and Enel, in its capacity as the event’s official global partner, provided a response to its energy requirements with a smart, all-electric network. From the latest specially-developed smart grid management and control systems to recharging infrastructure for electrical vehicles, smart, efficient public lighting and electricity storage equipment, the emphasis was on more linear, balanced energy distribution.

Combining the most up-to-date technology, environmental protection and energy savings in a single urban model created spaces offering excellent quality of life and services.   

Expo 2015 in numbers

75 MW of installed power for a million KWh of estimated daily consumption, 100 medium voltage substations delivering electricity to the individual pavilions, plus the same number of charging points for electric vehicles, 8,500 LED lights providing energy savings of around 280,000 kWh, 7,250 items of urban furniture, storage optimising local energy flows (270 kw), a dedicated platform for 24/7 management and operational control and, last but not least, a showroom for visitors.  

Smarter cities

The smart initiative launched with Expo 2015 is constantly being enhanced by new ideas and initiatives, like the Laboratorio Nazionale (National Laboratory) “Smart Grid Lab", which is designed to shorten the distance separating us from life in increasingly smart cities. Enel has applied the innovative installations featured at the Expo site in Milan to a number of other metropolitan centres, for use in both new areas and redevelopment projects.  

Enel is committed to providing a range of solutions in Italy and abroad – electric meters, digitalised networks, renewable energy integration storage models and an increasingly varied e-mobility offer – in the firm belief that the spread of good practice in green issues is the best possible way to ensure a smart, sustainable future.


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