Companies describe the benefits of the Circular Economy Report

The Circular Economy Report, a story of successes

Companies that relied on our Report describe the benefits of circularity in processes and products

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The companies that, through our Circular Economy Report, have managed to measure their own circularity levels, tell their stories.

Valdo Spumanti, sustainability DOCG

The company founded in 1926 in the Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene that are now a UNESCO World Heritage site, turned to Enel X’s Circularity Report and boosted the circularity of its production

Simer’s innovation – more sustainable than ever

Enel X’s Circularity Report has shown the Italian-owned metal coating group how it can boost its circularity to new heights


ES’GIVIEN, Circular is fashionable

Enel X’s Circularity Report for the Verona/Florence-based fashion brand may become the benchmark for other companies in the sector and here’s why

3D Laser learns more about itself, thanks to our Report

A highly versatile company specialized in processing stainless steel turned to Enel X’s Circular Economy Report to discover its circularity level

Il Truciolo: you can never be too circular

Thanks to the Enel X circularity report, Il Truciolo, which is a leader in the sector for transforming non-hazardous industrial waste and wood, has discovered how to further improve its circularity

Green is not only the color of coffee for Trucillo!

Enel X’s Circular Economy Report helps Salerno coffee roaster Trucillo go green

MEHITS – the road to circularity

Enel X uses its Circular Economy Report to help companies improve their circularity: introducing the Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems story