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What does Enel X and Gogoro’s latest partnership involve and why it supports Taiwan’s energy transition?

Enel X and Gogoro recently announced 2,500+ battery swapping stations across 1,000+ locations to be enrolled in Virtual Power Plant, learn more below.

How did Enel X and Gogoro’s partnership start?

Enel X and Gogoro’s partnership started in 2021. In October 2021, we announced our collaboration with Gogoro to provide critical support to Taiwan’s electricity grid. Gogoro is the first electric mobility provider in Taiwan to participate in a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). We first started with a few pilot sites and now we are enrolling up to 2,500+ battery swapping stations across 1,000+ locations into our VPP.

How does Enel X and Gogoro’s partnership work?

Enel X and Gogoro's partnership started in 2021.

The Gogoro Network when integrated with the Enel X VPP, detects the grid frequency automatically by seconds. According to the ups and lows of the grid frequency, the Gogoro Network safely pauses charging if there is a grid imbalance or provides energy back to the grid when needed. The events only last a few seconds, and only happen when the grid frequency is deviated from the normal grid frequency range. This also supports enhancing grid quality by using the fast response nature of the battery swapping stations.


This has the same effect as bringing new energy generation online to meet demand, avoiding huge investments in building new power plants. Meanwhile, Gogoro Network aims to meet user needs first and will only participate in the Virtual Power Plant when circumstances allow, therefore the users’ battery-swapping experience will not be affected.

What are Gogoro's benefits in joining Enel X’s Virtual Power Plant?

With Gogoro joining Enel X’s Virtual Power Plant, we are able to aggregate Gogoro’s energy assets, in this case the battery swapping stations, into our VPP and offer it as an energy resource to Taiwan Power Company’s Ancillary Service market. This creates a new revenue stream for Gogoro while supporting the energy transition in Taiwan.

What are the advantages Enel X offers?

Aggregating 1,000+ sites isn’t easy. Our Virtual Power Plant processes thousands of data points per second – hundreds of millions of data points daily. We are capable of making it happen and confident in aggregating as many sites as 1,000+ because we have a stable and robust platform, advanced IoT technology, and 24-7 support locally and internationally all year round to ensure all dispatch events are handled with expertise and in real-time. Plus, we have a large customer portfolio, which means more safety when responding to dispatch events.

What does it mean for the Gogoro riders?

Demand Response and the Energy Transformation

Demand Response

Join our Virtual Power Plant and support the energy transition

It means a better reason to adopt electric scooters! Gogoro’s participation in Enel X’s VPP has no impact on the riders. The only impact is that now riders have an even better reason to choose electric scooters because the battery swapping stations support the energy transition and a cleaner environment for us and the next generation. 

How does Enel X and Gogoro’s partnership support Taiwan’s grid?

Taiwan is rapidly developing renewable energy. In face of the increasing proportion of renewable energy and electric vehicles, Virtual Power Plants(VPP) are an excellent solution to cope with the intermittency and volatility of renewable energy and the sudden increase in electricity demand.


Gogoro’s battery swapping stations serve as one of the energy resources in our VPP, providing its flexibility to the grid when a grid imbalance occurs. This helps to keep our power grid stable without any blackouts.

What’s the business opportunity for commercial and industrial energy users?

Commercial and industrial energy users are now energy prosumers. Meaning that energy users can now offer their flexibility to the grid in Taiwan Power Company’s Energy Ancillary Service market via aggregators like us. Participants will receive a fee for being on stand-by, and an energy fee when being dispatched. 
Demand Response Calculator

Demand Response Calculator

See how much revenue you can earn for reducing your energy consumption with Demand Response.

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