Who We Are

Enel X is leading the energy transformation all over the world. By making the complex simple, Enel X enables its clients to use technology to transform energy into new opportunities for growth and progress . We are a company with strong roots in the energy sector and we have an open strategy that is geared towards digitalisation, sustainability and innovation. We offer smart, fast and intuitive technologies so that our clients can live and go about their business in a simpler, more sustainable way. This is for everyone, everywhere.

Enel X Romania

In Romania, Enel X is focused on bringing about the e-Mobility Revolution. Our innovative products and digital solutions will provide the infrastructure for the electric mobility of the future. This first strategic direction will be followed by developments in the other areas where we believe great transformation will happen: e-City, e-Industries and e-Home.



For businesses looking to take more control over their energy costs, mitigate risk, simplify compliance and sustainability reporting, and improve their operational performance, Enel X's energy intelligence software is a must-have decision support system.



For utilities and competitive energy retailers looking to navigate today's period of rapid transformation, Enel X is right there with them, providing demand response and wholesale procurement solutions.

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Our Business

Circular Economy

Enel X takes inspiration from the principles of the Circular Economy because they represent a new paradigm, in which the use of prime virgin materials is reduced to a minimum, the use of renewable and secondary prime materials prevails and the solutions offered are used for as long as possible and to their greatest capacity. This is due to a rethinking of consumption models.