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Pay per use premium

At the end of a recharge session, the cost of the service will be calculated by multiplying the consumed charging units (1 charging unit = 1 kWh) with the unitary price set for the service.


The unitary price is 1.29 RON (VAT included) for AC charging and 1.79 RON (VAT included) for DC charging.


The reservation service can be used by paying an annual fee that offers unlimited access to the service, for one year from the subscription date.


The price of the service is 9 RON/month.


The updated value of the price can be viewed in the dedicated section of the application and on the website www.enelx.com/ro. Always check the charging stations compatible with the reservation service in the application and on the web page.


At the end of the validity period (one year) the option will be deactivated automatically.


The invoice is issued and sent when purchasing the booking service option, while for recharges, at the end of each session.


It is possible to book a recharge point up to 3 times in a row, following the next attempt the service will be suspended for 20 minutes.


By continuing and accepting these conditions, the user adheres to the tariff plan Pay/Use Premium.