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San Diego’s Demand Response Changes: What You Should Know

March 7, 2022


  • Enel X is expanding their demand response offerings to the San Diego region. This development is a product of demand response’s proven contributions to the reliability of the California grid, and comes as a result of effective new policy that recognizes these benefits.
  • This is a great opportunity for large commercial and industrial San Diego energy users to earn significant payments. The program has no penalties for underperformance, only payments if you perform to the level pledged.
  • Contact Enel X now to learn more.


Why Now is the Time to Join Demand Response in San Diego

Over the past several years, California has seen how demand response can contribute to grid reliability. Now, as part of larger energy reliability efforts, many regions in California are trying to enroll more participants in their area’s demand response programs.


Demand response (DR) has existed in San Diego for many years, but demand response in San Diego has not been as popular as other programs in California. But for 2022, San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) has made several helpful and important rule changes. These changes make the programs simpler and more customer-friendly for participants.


These programs are ready to enroll customers in San Diego now, and Enel X can help. SDG&E’s positive changes to San Diego demand response include:

  • Higher payments
  • Greater participation flexibility
  • Less frequent events


How Demand Response Works in San Diego

Demand response programs vary in their specifics, but all have the same underlying principle: to help ensure that overall energy supply is able to meet energy demand on the grid, organizations reduce their energy use when requested.


In San Diego, Enel X will help customers participate in a day-ahead demand response program. Enel X has decades of global experience in demand response, and has been involved in demand response in California since 2007. We help organizations create a simple plan to reduce energy when requested. These plans aim to minimize disruption to normal work operations while maximizing payments.


Demand response with Enel X is simple. Enel X will manage program enrollment and assist in developing an energy reduction plan that fits operational needs. There are no penalties for underperformance, only payments if you perform to the level pledged.


The Background: Why DR Is Becoming More Important

During California’s difficult 2020 summer, which saw historic wildfires and rolling blackouts, demand response made vital contributions to keeping the grid online and energy flowing across the state. In the wake of that summer, the CPUC explored a variety of ways to improve the reliability of the grid in California. Expanding and improving demand response offerings is a key strategy they’ve adopted to bolster the grid in the coming years. 


Enel X advocated for many of the important changes that SDG&E has made to the San Diego demand response program. San Diego’s demand response changes were approved in December, and customers can now enroll. 


Demand response can be very helpful in keeping energy flowing on the grid, and organizations who enroll are helping to keep energy reliable in their communities. In addition to energy reliability, it allows customers to earn significant payments while also being notified ahead of time of any potential grid instability. 


Contact Enel X now to learn more about San Diego demand response.