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DNV GL Calls Enel X Storage Software “Industry Leading”

August 26, 2020

DNV GL, an independent testing and energy consulting firm, recently completed an assessment of Enel X’s energy storage modeling tools, summarized in DNV GL’s press release. DNV GL found that Enel X has developed modeling tools with “industry-leading capabilities” that can “produce reliable and unbiased forecast results.”


A look at the assessment process

The scope of DNV GL’s work focused on the modeling tools Enel X uses during its customer engagement process. These tools are used to calculate the economic benefit of a storage system, or solar-plus-storage system, at a customer’s facility. Such tools are far more accurate than third-party online storage modeling tools, which many developers often use as a first step in the modeling process.


After multiple sessions with Enel X subject matter experts, primarily discussing the modelling methodology and architecture, DNV GL determined that the conceptual approach and execution of Enel X’s optimization model was among the top in the industry.


How Enel X values stacks

One of the notable aspects of Enel X’s software that DNV GL highlighted lies in its ability to stack “value across demand charge management and demand response while maintaining compliance with applicable incentive programs.” 


The term “value stacking” has surfaced more and more regularly over the last few years as energy storage vendors have identified creative ways to unlock more value out of a battery storage system by participating in a wide array of market programs, thereby tapping into more revenue streams. 


Many providers claim to “value stack,” but may only access a limited number of available programs or opportunities. DNV GL’s nod to Enel X’s value-stacking software underscores how important this capability is in order to maximize the economic value of a storage system.


“Customers can confidently realize their decarbonization goals”

Richard Barnes, region president, Energy North America at DNV GL – Energy, spoke about the technology, and why customers can rely on Enel X’s offering. 


“Energy storage technologies are a major cornerstone to successfully increasing the penetration of renewables into the generation mix, and tools such as Enel X’s storage optimization software ensure that customers can confidently install storage and realize their decarbonization goals and utility bill savings,” Barnes said.