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Land Lease for Battery Installation

Create a Simple, No-Effort Revenue Stream by Leasing Unused Square Footage in Brooklyn and Queens

New York City creates unique challenges for its electric utility Con Edison. During periods of high demand, Con Ed struggles to balance the grid to meet customer needs. To alleviate grid pressure, Con Ed encourages the installation of batteries on private property. These batteries charge during times of low demand, and export power to the grid during times of high demand.


Enel X leases small pieces of open outdoor square footage on commercial properties for these batteries and runs them completely independent of any business operations on site. Enel X does all the work of installing and maintaining the battery—the host site has no responsibility for the operation of the system.

Key Benefits

  • Fixed, recurring payments create a reliable, sustainable revenue stream
  • Greater value if host has large electric bill and can benefit from Con Ed bill credits. Enel X can explore this with potential clients
  • Enel X assumes operational and performance risk associated with the energy storage system
  • No technical expertise required

Map showing site locations in Brooklyn and Queens
Enel X Battery Storage Unit

Site Requirements

  • 3,000 – 7,500 sq. ft. of outdoor space with at least 10 feet clearance in all directions
  • Located in key NYC Con Ed zones (see map)
  • Willingness to commit to long-term lease
  • Space should be close to existing electrical room
  • Minimum 480V service, 2000 Amp breaker

For more information, please contact one of our representatives:


Tom Scali, NY Sales Manager

+1 646 853 0105 | thomas.scali@enel.com


Nick Lombardi, NY Business Development Manager

+1 860 514 3054 | nicholas.lombardi@enel.com