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Enel X: Your Strategic Partner in the New Energy Economy

The energy industry is undergoing a radical transformation. The emergence of new technologies has changed the way energy consumers think about their energy supply, consumption, and demand.


Evolving market dynamics have fundamentally changed the power generation mix and created new challenges for energy providers and grid operators. Meanwhile, the demands of an increasingly envi­ronmentally minded public have opened the door for new regulations and market realities driving both the public and private sector to think differently about energy.


Driven by this confluence vc of trends, the electricity grid has evolved from the traditional supplier­-to­-consumer model to a decentralized ecosystem, blurring the lines between energy producers and consumers, unlocking new sources of value on both sides of the meter, and paving the way for a cleaner, more flexible future.


Energy management, simplified.


The Enel X vision is to deliver value­-added services for today’s generation of more empowered energy consumers.


We help large energy users develop and execute a custom­ized strategy to navigate their most pressing challenges and capitalize on their biggest opportunities. Whether that means deploying an individual solution or developing a comprehensive Energy-­as­-a­-Service approach to manage energy holistically, our combination of global resources, energy market experience, and technological expertise gives us the unique capabilities to meet your organization’s specific needs in almost any geography.


Today, more than 60% of electricity in the United States is consumed by the commercial and industrial market segment, making this sector one of the fastest­growing and main strategic pillars of the Enel X portfolio.


The Enel X portfolio of solutions for businesses:

Energy Supply Management

How your organization buys energy significantly impacts operating expense, risk management, and sustainability. Enel X provides expert advisory services and technology­ enabled solutions to develop and execute an energy supply strategy to reduce costs, create more accurate budgets, integrate renewable energy, and manage risk on the markets.


Demand Response

Earn incentive payments for contributing to grid reliability efforts by reducing your energy consumption at times when the grid is under duress. We offer access to more demand response programs worldwide than any other provider.


Demand Management

Reduce energy spend by strategically reducing your energy consumption at times when utilities calculate costly demand charges on your utility bill. Enel X helps businesses develop a strategy for managing demand charges without impacting operational and production needs.


Energy Storage and Microgrids

Energy storage and on­-site generation assets like solar photovoltaics enable businesses to reduce energy spend and improve resilience and power quality for their facilities. Enel X manages the financing, purchase, installation, and operations and maintenance of these assets to ensure maximum financial and resilience value.


Utility Bill Management

Enel X offers the only solution capable of processing bills from more than 100 countries, enabling businesses to reduce time spent processing large volumes of utility bills, avoid paying late fees and erroneous charges on the bill, and access data for easy reporting and visibility into financial and sustainability performance.


Renewable Energy

Whether your goals involve purchasing renewable energy from offsite sources or integrating renewable generation assets on­-site, Enel X can help you navigate a complicated vendor landscape to develop the right solution to meet your specific needs.



Enel X helps businesses develop a strategy to improve sustainability performance and streamline reporting to regulations and industry standards, such as RE100, CDP, ENERGY STAR, and GRESB. The Enel Group sits on the board of the United Nations Global Compact and ranked in the top 30 in Fortune Magazine’s 2018 list of companies that can change the world.


Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicle charging is a quickly emerging need among customers and employees, but can inflate electr­icity costs and consumption. Enel X offers high­-power level­-2 charging stations and a suite of control software applications so businesses can integrate electric vehicle charging with minimal impact on operational costs and sustainability performance.





About Us

Enel X is Enel’s global business line dedicated to developing innovative products and digital solutions in sectors in which energy is showing the greatest potential for transformation: cities, homes, industries and electric mobility. Enel X is the global leader in demand response, with capacity currently managed and assigned in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Enel X’s electric vehicle charging station technology, called JuiceBox®, and its JuiceNet® platform, provide smart management of electric vehicle charging and other distributed energy storage facilities. The company’s intelligent DER Optimization Software is designed to analyze real­-time energy and utility bill data, improve performance, and manage distributed energy assets, including behind­-the­-meter storage projects.