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A new initiative to support Korea to reach Renewable Energy 100

Enel X Korea to supply solar power in Gyeonggi Province

On July 17th 2023, Enel X Korea signed an 'Industrial Complex RE100 Investment Agreement' with representatives from eight private investment consortiums, including Gyeonggi Province, Korea East West Power, SK E&S, and LS Electric, at Thyssenkrupp Materials Korea at Pyeongtaek Poseung Industrial Complex, Enel X's region of activity.

Enel X Korea was selected through Gyeonggi Province's competitive bidding process and, through a consortium of a total of 11 companies, plans to supply solar power to the province.

Enel X Korea, contributes to reaching RE100 initiative for companies in Gyeonggi Province

The 'Industrial Complex RE100' project involves installing solar power generation facilities on the idle roofs within industrial complexes in Gyeonggi Province and supplying the generated energy to the factories within the complex and external companies.

Enel X Korea aims to support companies in Gyeonggi Province in achieving their RE100 targets, improve their export competitiveness, and provide renewable energy and supply through investments.

Through this agreement, Enel X Korea plans to develop business models and projects that allow companies to lease their facility rooftops to gain rental income or make equity investments.

Renewable Energy 100

Enel X's expert energy consulting team helps businesses create strategies to achieve RE100

As your strategic partner, Enel X Korea provides a range of innovative solutions to help businesses to meet their renewable energy targets and contribute to the energy transition in Korea.

Enel X RE100 Solution


Renewable Energy Solutions


We offer professional support for the installation of renewable energy resources such as solar power to enable businesses to utilize renewable energy.


Energy Consulting

Our team analyzes your energy usage patterns and provides consulting to optimize energy efficiency.

Energy Management Platform

We offer a platform that allow businesses to monitor and manage energy consumption effectively.

Renewable Energy Certification and Tracking

We certify and track your renewable energy usage to help you achieve RE100 targets.

Net Zero Strategy

We assist businesses in developing and implementing strategies to achieve carbon neutrality.
Enel X Korea will start with Gyeonggi Province's industrial complexes in its RE100 efforts and continue to develop sustainable energy generation towards achieving carbon neutrality.