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How businesses manage their energy with e-Smart

Enel X’s proprietary platform helps businesses to simplify energy use tracking and optimization

With today's energy price volatility, strategic businesses are getting ahead with a comprehensive energy and sustainability strategy.

At Enel X, we are a leading Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and Demand Response service provider. We help businesses to be smart with how energy is used to achieve a competitive advantage.

Our VPP aggregates distributed energy loads throughout the community, ranging from backup generators at commercial buildings, water pump facilities at local public offices, and energy intensive equipment at steel manufacturing sites. We offer this as a single resource or ‘virtual power plant’ to support the grid at times when demand outweighs supply, when the grid is under stress.

VPP participation not only supports grid reliability and security, but also supports the uptake of renewable resources on the grid, decarbonizing Korea’s energy supply, while earning participating businesses a reliable new income stream with regular payments.

Enel X has a proprietary tool for our VPP customers – e-Smart – which is a Demand Response monitoring platform. e-Smart is a platform that allows businesses to easily monitor their energy consumption and strategically optimize their energy use.

With e-Smart and our Demand Response services, our commercial and industrial customers have the ability to view their energy usage in real-time, respond to the grid’s dispatch requests, and participate in the energy market.

Benefits of e-Smart include:

  • 15-minute energy monitoring provided by the Korea Electricity Power Company (KEPCO)
  • Real time 5-minute energy monitoring provided by Enel X’s own secure server system and meter measurement
  • Energy market participation in Demand Response programs including: Voluntary Demand Response for Economic DR, Peak-Reduction DR, and Dust DR
  • Review your Demand Response participation payments


As part of the Enel Group, we have more than 50 years of experience in the energy business and are both a global and local leader in Demand Response services. Globally, we manage 7.9GW of Demand Response capacity, and in Korea we manage over 500 business sites with more than 600MW of DR capacity.

To learn about our Demand Response services, get in touch with our team.


Existing customers can visit e-Smart here.

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