Demand Response 101: earn revenue by shifting your energy use

Demand Response 101: earn revenue by shifting your energy use

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Earn revenue for reducing grid power consumption during emergencies that threaten grid stability. This is traditionally known as Demand Response.

Example situation: There’s a heatwave and KPX has run out of power reserves to meet afternoon electricity demand.

Example response: A food manufacturing plant reduces production for two hours.

A reliability Demand Response program for smaller-scaled businesses, such as buildings, schools, markets, agricultural businesses and more.

Save power supply costs by replacing expensive generators with demand resources. This program is held in what’s known as the “day-to-day electricity market,” where participating companies bid for demand reduction capacity and pricing the day before, and receive a winning bid.  

The grid needs resources that can quickly respond when large power stations or transmission networks unexpected fail, to prevent cascading grid outages. Our VPP responds automatically to deviations in the grid’s frequency, to arrest the deviation and avoid any broader power outages.

Example situation: A large coal-fired power station suddenly fails, and the grid’s frequency starts to drop.

Example response: A compressor at a cold storage facility turns off in less than one second for a maximum of 10 minutes.

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